How Three Troopers Saved a New Mom’s Life

Quick and unusual efforts made the difference — 'I was not responding at all at that point,' she said

by HealthZette Staff | Updated 05 Jun 2017 at 4:19 PM

Minnesota State Patrol troopers are being credited with saving the life of a new mom who experienced a massive hemorrhage while undergoing a cesarean section last month.

Lisa Jaeger, of Cannon Falls, was in dire need of blood located 45 miles away from the Mayo Clinic Health System, where she was giving birth, Hastings Star Gazette reported.

"I remember the doctor saying, 'Turn your head, wake up, look at your son,'" Jaeger, who labored for 36 hours before doctors decided to go ahead with a C-section delivery, told the news outlet.  "I thought I was, and I wasn't; I was not responding at all at that point."

Jaeger had lost about three liters of blood, and though unresponsive she heard the doctors call for a blood run. Jaeger and her husband, Brent, are both on the Minnesota State Patrol staff, so they knew what that call meant, Hastings Star Gazette reported.

If it hadn't been for their efforts, Jaeger likely wouldn't have survived.

"In my head I went, 'I bet that's the troopers that are running the blood down here,'" she told the news outlet.

Troopers Jesse Einhorn, Jacob Letourneau, and Dau Yang formed a relay and had the blood delivered to Jaeger in just over an hour. Doctors said that if it hadn't been for their efforts, Jaeger likely wouldn't have survived, Hastings Star Gazette reported.

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"We were that close," she said. "I'm here because of a phenomenal team of doctors and nurses at the hospital, because of these three troopers and because of people that donate blood."

Jaeger and her son, Ryan, are doing fine, the news outlet reported.

This Fox News article is used by permission; the Associated Press contributed reporting. 

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