Is That the Faith Leader Joel Osteen? Actor Dupes California Crowd

If you see Joel Osteen roaming the street, you might want to do a double take.

Actor Michael Klimkowski draws a striking resemblance to the celebrity pastor. So much that he decided to test it out and go to an Osteen event pretending to be the pastor.

Klimkowski went to the event at Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California, on October 28 without a ticket or security clearance.

Klimkowski had two other people he was with film the encounters.

He arrived at the event casually talking to the security guards, who didn't question Klimkowski or ask him for identification. He breezed through the parking lot and waved at cheering fans.

He then walked through another section where he asked for a beer while admirers walked up to him and asked to take a selfie. The Osteen lookalike went all the way to the stage and he interacted with attendees before security whisked him away.

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The video ends with Osteen's security threatening to arrest Klimkowski and his entourage.

"All right, we're, we're, we're, exiting. We want to cause no trouble,” Klimkowski said in the clip, which has since gone viral.

This Fox News piece is used by permission.

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