As the debate around tipping culture rages on, John Leguizamo has waded in with his own thoughts – and it would seem that he thinks people don’t tip enough.

Tipping is a divisive subject, especially outside of the US where it isn’t seen as customary, but more as a nice gesture to reward exceptionally good service.

In the US tips are often necessary to supplement the wages of the staff offering a service because the salary alone isn’t enough to support a reasonable standard of living.

While the debate rages about what the “correct” amount to tip is, with the most common answer being around 20% of the bill, actor John Leguizamo has put forward his thoughts.

The 62-year-old actor sat down with Good Morning America to discuss his upcoming sci-fi show The Power, and the conversation moved on to tipping culture.

Leguizamo explained that he often carries large bills in his pocket just in case he finds himself in a situation where he needs to tip a member of staff.

“Come on, this ain’t the 70s,” Leguizamo began. “You can’t tip with $20 bills. People are going to throw that back at you.”

The actor was adamant that he “wasn’t cheap” and that he wants to give back to those who work hard to offer a service to others.

“You’ve got to give back,” he said. “If people are giving you their best service, and you don’t tip them? Come on, who are you?”

John Leguizamo calls out anybody still tipping with $20 bills: 'This ain't the 70s'

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The actor added: “I’m not a cheapskate.”

The chat then moved on to the Amazon Prime show that Leguizamo was there to promote, and the premise sounds pretty interesting.

In The Power, based on a novel of the same name, women all over the world begin to gain powers that allow them to create electricity.

What can be seen as a commentary on modern society, the new abilities that women possess create a power shift in society, meaning they no longer suffer at the hands of men.

Leguizamo said: “Can you imagine a world where women take over? It’d be a great place. So that’s what this series is. Teenaged girls develop an organ through evolution to protect themselves, and it gives them electricity.

“Static shock for some girls, nuclear blasts for other girls – and men are afraid. It’s a great, scary, powerful series.”

The Power is available to watch on Amazon Prime right now, with later episodes dropping on May 12.

John Leguizamo calls out anybody still tipping with $20 bills: 'This ain't the 70s'

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