Once taking over cities and streets, demanding so-called justice, the Black Lives Matter movement has seemed to lose momentum over the last few years. Although the movement garnered support from top Democrats like Joe Biden, after he was elected, their demands were never met. Not to mention the accusations of fraud that followed the movement’s founders.

Add that with the looting and violence and Black Lives Matter has found itself lost. Recently, Kayne West hosted a Yeezy fashion show. And always known for making a statement, the rapper appeared to do just that when he donned a sweatshirt captioned “White Lives Matter.”

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Having already caused controversy online and with Black Lives Matter supporters, Kayne West was sure to wear the sweatshirt while entertaining conservative commentator Candace Owens. She also displayed the White Lives Matter shirt. At the event, West declared, “I am Ye, and everyone here knows that I am the leader. You can’t manage me.”

As for Black Lives Matter, the Los Angeles Times reported in September that the leader of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation was accused of stealing $10 million in donations. According to the lawsuit brought against Shalomyah Bowers, he used the donations as his own “personal piggy bank.”

“While BLM leaders and movement workers were on the street risking their lives, Mr. Bowers remained in his cushy offices devising a scheme of fraud and misrepresentation to break the implied-in-fact contract between donors and BLM.”

The Los Angeles Times added, “The suit, filed by Black Lives Matter Grassroots, was light on details of the alleged theft of funds, but delved into the fissures within the network of Black Lives Matter groups, charting changes in leadership and power that left Bowers with tight control of the organization. Bowers and his group denied all claims of financial misconduct and chastised those suing him for “falling victim to the carceral logic and social violence that fuels the legal system” in taking legal action against him.”

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After the suit was filed, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s board of directors released a statement, lashing out at Bowers for being like the “white oppressors,” saying, “They would rather take the same steps of our white oppressors and utilize the criminal legal system which is propped up by white supremacy (the same system they say they want to dismantle) to solve movement disputes.”

With lawsuits, accusations, and corrupt leadership, it should come as no surprise that celebrities, Democrats, and Joe Biden himself are creating a great divide between them and Black Lives Matter. As the 2022 midterms approach, the Democrats are desperately trying to revamp their image, hoping to gain support and hinder the GOP from taking control of Washington, D.C.

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on October 3, 2022. It originally appeared on RedVoiceMedia.com and is used with permission.

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