With September already here, the Democrats increased their campaigning efforts going into the 2022 midterm election. While not unusual for the parties to campaign ahead of a midterm election, the Democrats are incredibly worried, given the last few years have been somewhat lackluster for their party. Not only do many experts predict a major shift in Washington, D.C. as the GOP takes over, but Joe Biden’s time in the White House continues to draw criticism. Hoping to change the predictions and help his party retain control,  Biden left the White House and has already given two passionate speeches in the span of a week. Both times, he was sure to warn about the supposed most-dangerous movement in America, MAGA extremists. And if that wasn’t enough, he now claims he miraculously beat Big Pharma. 

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Celebrating Labor day by speaking to a group in Wisconsin,  Joe Biden didn’t shock Americans when he attacked former President Donald Trump and his MAGA supporters. But what did was when he spoke about pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna. He explained that he helped beat Big Pharma. In the video below, Biden declared, “Not this year. We beat Pharma this year. We beat Pharma this year, and it mattered. We’re going to change people’s lives. We finally beat Pharma.”

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Before his passionate antics on stage,  Joe Biden suggested, “You know, we pay more for our prescription drugs in the United States of America than any major country in the world — here in the United States. Okay? There’s no reason for it. For the last several decades, many of us have been trying to fix the problem. But for decades, Big Pharma tried to block giving lower drug prices for those on Medicare or anywhere else.”

As for what Joe Biden had to say about MAGA supporters, “I want to be very clear upfront, not every Republican is a MAGA Republican. Not every Republican embraces that extreme ideology. I know because I’ve been able to work with mainstream Republicans in my whole career. But the extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress have chosen to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate, and division.”

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Again, not shocking to see Joe Biden go after Donald Trump and MAGA Supporters, but his comments about fighting Big Pharma come on the heels of a record year for both Pfizer and Moderna. In 2021, the companies released their annual report showing that Moderna profited $12.2 billion. Looking at Pfizer, which received a mountain of support from politicians and celebrities, gained a staggering $21.9 billion. And that doesn’t even include that $10 billion in taxpayer money given to Moderna for vaccine development. But remember, that is what beating Big Pharma looks like.