Not long after COVID-19 found its way into America did, Democrats move to insist on outlandish mandates and restrictions that were each designed to help stop the spread of the virus. Now, it’s known that the mandates didn’t work, the restrictions were meaningless, and the COVID-19 miracle drug doesn’t stop one from contracting the coronavirus. But still, Democrats like California Governor Gavin Newsom don’t believe that the mandates or trying to make the drug mandatory was a bad thing. Although his state has seen a drastic decrease in residents as they leave for other states, the Governor recently declared that it had nothing to do with him, his leadership, or the Democrats – it was all a result of the Trump administration.

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That’s right, in the video, which is featured below, Gavin Newsom decided to follow a proven play in the Democrat’s agenda, blame Trump. While Donald Trump hasn’t been in office for almost two years, the Democrats continue to blame him for issues like COVID-19 and the Southern border. Not to mention the supposed white supremacy growing in America. Trying to explain over 180,000 people leaving California for states like Texas, Newsom said, “there have been two deep analyses that drive the number one factor that most, the vast majority of most, the entire amount impacted because of the visa policies and the Trump administration. I mean, our formula for success is getting first-round draft choices around the rest of the world. I mean, we’re as dumb as we want to be. This whole damn border debate is made up. It’s made up. Where’s Congress? Where the hell… They haven’t done their job?”

With California losing so many residents, in 2021, the state even lost a congressional seat. And if that wasn’t bad news for Gavin Newsom, his in-laws decided to relocate during the COVID-19 pandemic. The state they moved to – Florida. Looking deeper into his in-laws, Kenneth Siebel Jr. and Judith Siebel, they also donated a generous $5,000, but it wasn’t to Newsom, it was to a PAC aligned with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

As usual, users online weren’t all that shocked, writing, “The entire Democrat culture is sewn with rot and hate. As a plurality, they absorb and destroy. Today the culture can produce nothing but ignorance, selfishness, crime, violence, and dependence.”

Another person added, “Yep, Trump’s policies are definitely better than California’s policies, so I could see them leaving to get to a better life. I know a lot of people heading this way in desperation to leave CA. I live in NC, which historically is not a red state. There have only been two Republican governors here in my lifetime, but there will be a third in 2024.”