Denver Fighting Homelessness By Giving People Up To $12,000, But There’s A Woke Catch

Just wait until you see what someone needs to be in order to qualify

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During the 2020 Presidential election, Joe Biden cruised around the country, eating ice cream, fumbling around the stage, and speaking to crowds using a gigantic teleprompter. At the same time, the country got a good look at Biden. He hurled countless promises at voters and detailed what the future might look like under his leadership. Having spent the last two years in the White House, it seems that he forgot about some of those key promises, like solving the growing homelessness problem in America. Several states are currently struggling with a rise in homelessness as inflation, COVID-19, and the lockdowns cost people their livelihoods. The problem has gotten so bad that Denver is now allocating $2 million to solve the problem. And their idea – give the homeless people up to $12,000, no questions asked.

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With numerous states trying to figure out ways to fight against homelessness, Denver decided that it would take $2 million from the American Rescue Plan Act and give it to the Denver Basic Income Project. The organization will then pick 820 people who are currently homeless and give them money. The giveaway will be broken up into three parts. 1) 260 people will receive $6,500 upfront with another $500 a month for a year. 2) 260 people will get $1,000 a month for a year. And 3) 300 people will receive a $50 stipend.

Now, for those who might be running the math, $2 million isn’t enough to fund every person. The money will only cover around 140 people, as the organization noted the entire process would exceed over $9 million. And that isn’t even the best part. While homelessness doesn’t matter your race or gender, the program does. That’s right, in order to qualify for the funds, a person needs to be a woman, transgender, or non-binary individual.

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock discussed the program, stating, “The Denver Basic Income Project is an opportunity to explore how the philanthropic community and the private sector can augment public support for those living in poverty, particularly our unhoused neighbors, and extend that hand up to stability.”

As for Joe Biden, back in July, Susan Rice, who is the Domestic Policy Advisor to the White House, praised the Democrat for all his work for the homeless. She suggested, “During his 2020 presidential campaign, President Biden pledged to pursue a comprehensive approach to ending homelessness. He committed to undoing counterproductive and often harmful policies and to take a ‘Housing First’ approach to our homelessness crisis. He promised to partner with mayors and local officials on the frontlines of this fight. He committed to protecting Americans who too often find themselves living on the edge, from veterans to LGBTQI+ individuals to people who were formerly incarcerated.”

While Biden did make promises, Susan Rice insisted he followed through. “The President’s landmark American Rescue Plan invested historic resources to address homelessness. We distributed 70,000 emergency housing vouchers. We devoted $5 billion for the HOME Investment Partnerships program to create permanent, safe, supportive housing. We put another $800 million towards support for homeless families. Many of you have utilized billions of dollars in State and Local Recovery Funds to keep people off the streets and create permanent housing.”

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 18, 2022. It originally appeared on RedVoiceMedia.com and is used with permission.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
12 days ago

Whites need not apply, But most are suntanned since being outside so much

Timothy Toroian
Timothy Toroian
12 days ago

Giving that kind of money to people many of whom have demonstrated the inability to handle the money might as well be flushed for all the good it will do.

12 days ago

Typical Left wing, woke Liberal Democrat spin doctoring and twisted politics.

So tax payers are expected to foot the bill for yet another program that is destined to fail or make any real changes or benefit but a select few so that they can parade them on television, as that all talk and no solution providing jerk Obama did when he forced his crappy Obamacare plan.

Of course it wreaks of liberal virtue signaling. Another media show to demonstrate all the good they are doing and the care they have for the so called “oppressed and disadvantaged” people.

It’s ironic that liberals always seek to help those they label as victims, yet real victims see their assailants go free while the woke, George Soros bitches – his paid for prosecutors, rake the victims over the coals as if they were the criminal. And if every case, when liberals favor their own or those they feel should be coddled, it is always taxpayers and the innocent people they target that have to pay a price and basically take a hit to their wallets and their spirit.

Let the WOKE people adopt, sponsor and help the homeless, the illegals, the LBGTQ and the murderers and rapists they love so much. Let them raise the money on their own and give their own money and time and labor and maybe even open their homes and cities to help their social victims.

Stop making others support liberal agendas while they buy iphones, play video games, suck down $7 lattes and cry for $25 an hour when they expect everyone else to go broke supporting their horse crap ideologies.

11 days ago

It will require zero effort to uncover the lies, or to disprove the ridiculous claims of the Demonrat supporting fraternity – I sometimes wonder just why they even bother to make their ( at best ) naive claims – claims which most people recognise as ludicrous !