While crime continues to surge in California, an L.A. County Sheriff found himself at the center of controversy after he tried to investigate the County Supervisor, Sheila Kuehl, for corruption. There are accusations that Kuehl, a Democrat, used her position to give a county contract to a donor and friend. After being raided by law enforcement, Kuehl claimed that the Sheriff was using his power for political gain, causing California Attorney General Rob Bonta to step in.

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Last week, Sheriff Alex Villanueva and the L.A. County deputies raided the home of Sheila Kuehl as they obtained a warrant for an investigation into corruption. The Democrat quickly criticized the entire raid as nothing more than a political stunt from Sheriff Villanueva. She added that the Sheriff was somehow “out of control.” She even referred to herself as a victim. It should be noted that the tension between Villanueva and Kuehl isn’t new. Both the Board of Supervisors and the Sheriff clashed several times before when it came to matters of homelessness, COVID-19, and mandates.

For those who might not know, the unit within law enforcement that would investigate such matters into corruption is separate from Sheriff Villanueva, but apparently, Kuehl doesn’t understand that. The Sheriff wrote to Rob Bonta last week, accusing the Democrat of hiding or destroying evidence as she was tipped about the upcoming raid. Bonta responded to the letter by completely taking over the investigation. The California Attorney General is also a Democrat.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “In his letter, Bonta replied that while he would look into Villanueva’s claim, he was also taking over the department’s investigation into Giggans’ charity. Villanueva said he had recused himself from the investigation in order to avoid conflicts of interest. But he has discussed the investigation in recent news interviews and used it as fodder on the social media accounts for his reelection campaign for sheriff, declaring: ‘L.A. Political Establishment borrows a page from Donald Trump’s playbook to discredit the corruption investigation into Supervisor #SheilaKuehl.'”

In November, when California voters head to the polls, they will find a referendum on the ballot that would allow the Board of Supervisors to fire any sheriff at will. Again, it seems the Democrats have no understanding of the law as the sheriff is an elected official.

Online users voiced their frustration, writing, “Former T.V. Actress Sheila Kuehl has a long history of doing simply whatever she wants, and she doesn’t deal well with being caught. This atmosphere of total corruption is one of the reasons we escaped C.A. last year. It’s a toilet.”

Another explained, “Sheila has admitted to being tipped off. L.A. is dirty in many, many ways. Villanueva is doing the job others are not willing to do. He is an elected official.”