I’m not up on my isms. It seems every day the Thought Police come up with another reason we should be mad at ourselves and then create a victim class to compensate ad infinitum.

The latest? Or maybe not the latest, like I said I’m not current on the subject, is lookism. This is a bias that gives advantages and privileges to those considered good looking. It’s quite real and thank God for it. If not, the species would suffer like a feminist at a debutante ball.

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If you don’t think attractive people get extra benefits you’re fooling yourself. You do it and so do I. Some of the dumbest things I’ve ever done were done to try to impress beautiful women. I’d have a lot more money if that weren’t the case. Most men I know could tell myriad stories of bumbling attempts to suck up to anesthetically pleasing females. Women do the same towards men, but to a lesser degree. Women are smarter about things like that.

A close female pal of mine can relate countless tales of free drinks and dinners, not to mention other baubles, from men seeking her favors. Hell, when I first met her I thought of taking a plunge in the deep end of that pool. But she was involved with a mogul and my clever scribe routine cut not a pathway to her heart or her other organs.

Another galpal, who has always been nice, brilliant, and funny, used to bemoan the fact that men paid her scant attention because she was quite svelte. At 30 she decided to augment her upper mezzanine level. The sought after attention soon followed. We men are pigs. Happy pigs, but still pigs.

Call it superficial, call it objectifying, but it is the way we are genetically wired.  As mankind progressed from hunter gatherer to more sedate activities, men no longer had to bring home the most saber-toothed tiger meat to attract the attention of the comeliest female in the tribe.

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Which brings us to more research. As mentioned above, as men are programmed to seek female pulchritude they employ various strategems to achieve that goal. I’m told by a distaff associate there is the money/status ploy, the dance floor advance, and the physical recon to ascertain how far a man can go before he gets a stop sign. Yes, all sad and perhaps pathetic. But men will try anything to fulfill the genetic imperative.

Both sexes know this and spend much time, money, and effort to make themselves a more likely choice for a potential mate. This is quite natural and at times has effective results.

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The left knows this and, as in much else, tries to change definitions. Women not conventionally attractive and thus not appealing to most men are currently held up as the new norm of beauty. In one such example conservative sociologist Jordan Peterson just flat out told a woman who espoused and typified the alleged new standard of beauty, that no, she was not beautiful. The charges of lookism followed post haste.

As in much else, Peterson is correct. Like it or not, attractive people get treated better because we seek a standard of beauty that engenders not only an aesthetic impulse but also stimulates the libido to work for the procreation of the species. Without that, mankind would decrease in number and fun, and right quick. Thus, this is one bias that is a very good thing.