With each passing day, the Democrats and Republicans take one step closer to the 2022 midterm elections. Over the past few months, the poll predicted a major shift in power as the GOP gained significant ground. And even with some members being voted out of office due to their political stance, like Representative Liz Cheney, it appears the GOP is aligning itself to be a united front when going into November. On the other side of the aisle, the Democrats and Biden administration struggle on every front. From the Southern border to inflation, President Joe Biden does more to worry most Americans than make them feel secure about the future. And with President Biden hoping to run again in 2024, a new poll from NBC News paints a bleak picture for the Democrats.  

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In the video, which is featured below, NBC host Chuck Todd broke down the latest data to come from the network. It showed, “Americans are angry, they’re disappointed, and they are worried about the future of this country. Just 21% of adults say we are headed in the right direction, and once again, 3 out of 4 Americans say we are on the wrong track. In fact, this number – never before in our poll has this wrong track number been over 70% for this long. It’s been nearly a year. Fifty-eight percent, by the way, say America’s best years are behind us. That’s an all-time high in our poll. What’s behind this rise in pessimism about our country’s future?” 

Chuck Todd continued, adding that both parties are unpopular amongst voters. “Both political parties are very unpopular, one slightly more than the other. It’s a similar story with both the current and former presidents, with the former president’s negatives actually rising a bit faster than we’ve seen since our last poll. The current and former vice presidents also both deeply unpopular, almost identical. And even the two politicians who have most publicly stood up to the leaders of their own parties — Joe Manchin and Liz Cheney – well, no one likes them either. And with their own parties, they are the most unpopular.” 

While NBC suggested that voters on both sides are angry, Republicans in Wyoming seemed to be united when Liz Cheney lost by nearly 40 points. Still, according to Chuck Todd, “for the first time ever, when asked what is the most important issue facing this country, the top answer was not an economic issue, it was threats to the democracy. Higher than the cost of living or jobs or guns or even abortion. So this is the environment in which voters are going to the polls this November. They’re pretty angry.”