Democrats will lose the House, though the Senate is still a crap shoot. That’s what bipartisan polling says as of late.

With the dismal state of the economy is the minds of voters, Republicans lead in all categories that spell victory. Dobbs may have some effect in blue or purple districts, but not enough to swing the pendulum to the Democrats.

So, as they know time is limited, Democrats will try to shove much legislation forward between now and January. It will be difficult with prospective Republican Manchin in their way.

Fox: “Almost all voters are worried about inflation, large numbers continue to rate the economy negatively — and a majority expects things will be worse next year.

The latest Fox News survey also finds both Democrats and Republicans are equally motivated to vote, and that if the midterm election were today, 41% of voters would back the Democratic candidate in their House district and 44% the Republican.

In other findings, 15% of all voters are undecided or plan to back a third-party candidate for Congress — including 60% of independents. While it is uncertain how they will vote in November, today more than 7 in 10 of both these groups disapprove of the job President Biden is doing.

The president’s job rating hit a low this week, with 40% of voters approving and 59% disapproving. That’s net negative by 19 points. His ratings were underwater by 14 points last month and by 8 points in early May. Biden’s best marks were in June 2021, when 56% approved and 43% disapproved.

And majorities overall disapprove of his issue performance: 73% disapprove on inflation, 68% on the economy, 61% on immigration, 59% on guns, 57% on energy policy, and 55% on handling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

“A 20-plus seat gain would be massive for the Republicans in an era where bipartisan gerrymandering has drastically reduced the number of competitive seats,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw. “It would be tantamount to the 1994 midterms when Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America helped the GOP roll up a 54-seat gain.” Shaw conducts the survey with Democratic counterpart Chris Anderson.

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Anderson: “This is a horrendous midterm environment for the Democrats, but the Supreme Court overturning Roe provides an opportunity to mitigate losses by painting Republicans as extremists who are intent on taking away long-standing rights,” says Anderson. “It likely won’t be enough to hold the House, but in some districts, especially those with more independents, it could tip races to Democrats.

As inflation hit its highest rate since 1981 on Wednesday, there’s little wonder why a large majority, 93%, are extremely or very concerned about rising prices. That’s more than say the same about higher crime rates (85%), the future of American democracy (83%), gun laws (78%), and abortion policy (70%). Some 69% are concerned about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while 62% are worried about illegal immigration.”