Democrats Hemorrhaging Minority Voters

Especially Hispanics.

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Democrats are losing voters across the board, with Hispanics leading the way.

Fox: “The left-leaning media and powerful Democrats alike have taken notice that Hispanics are ditching the Democratic Party.

The “biggest political story of our time” is the major shift in the demographics of the two parties, with Republicans gaining major ground among Hispanic voters and becoming increasingly working-class and multiracial, according to a new report by Axios.

The Thursday article, entitled “The Great Realignment,” details a Democratic Party that is becoming more elite and “a little more white,” as inroads in a number of ethnic groups for Republicans could turn the tide in numerous Democratic-held swing seats.

One of the most notable points of data shows that Democrats are “statistically tied” with Republicans in congressional ballots when it comes to the Hispanic vote. The metric becomes more shocking when turning the page back to 2018, when the Democratic Party held a 47-point advantage with Hispanics in the midterms. Also notable is an April NBC News poll, which showed Democrats losing ground in every demographic, besides college-educated women, where they gained 10 points since 2010.”

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Giancarlo Sopo, a Cuban-American who worked on President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, explains. “We’re aspirational people. We want to work hard. We came to this country to succeed. Also, I think during that same time, it would be fair to say that the Democratic Party’s overly educated or miseducated, depending how you look at it, you know, elites have taken over the party, and it’s difficult to find groups that are more different than a woke White Democrat and your average Hispanic,” Sopo told press.

“They’re economically different. The social and cultural values are very different. Your average Hispanic tends to be far more religious and traditional in their cultural views than your average Democrat. So, I think if you understand the cultural transformation that we’ve seen on the Democrats, where they’ve become a lot more radicalized, and at the same time Hispanics… don’t just believe in the American dream. We personify it,” Sopo continued. “Hispanics are really succeeding in America, the Democratic message just does not appeal to Hispanics.

“Hispanics want to prosper… they want to figure out, ‘OK, how do we reach the next step on the ladder?’ That’s what Hispanics are focused on, not memorizing 74 pronouns. Not relitigating 1492 or Latinx and trying to upend the entire Spanish language,” Sopo said. “[They] really just want to focus on living a good life in this country, providing for their families and succeeding.

“The Democrats are absolutely terrified at what they’re seeing among Hispanic voters, and they’re going to do everything they can to woke shame Latinos into submission. Unfortunately for them, Hispanics aren’t buying it,” Sopo said.

“Even on immigration, we have very nuanced views. Yes, I’d say most Hispanics want to find some kind of legislative solution, especially for the DACA kids. But at the same time, Hispanics also like having a strong border, safe communities. They don’t like the idea of people crossing over illegally, while many Hispanic families had to wait sometimes over a decade to come into this country the right way,” Sopo said. “So even on immigration, Hispanics’ views are nuanced. And in fact, when you look at how Hispanics, what they think about even legal immigration, they tend to have more restrictionist views than your average liberal White Democrat. There’s just such a misunderstanding. The Democrats have gotten this so terribly wrong with Hispanics.”

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
29 days ago

Next can they give US: American Indians, Asians,??