Democrat Representative Criticizes Biden Administration For Baby Formula Shortage

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The two-year mark for President Biden is slowly approaching and in that time, his administration has dealt with a Southern border crisis, COVID-19, surging gas prices, the war in Ukraine, and let’s not forget the withdrawal from Afghanistan. While only being two years, with each new dilemma, the White House struggles to give answers and reveal a plan on how to fix it. For the Southern border, Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge, yet border agents are still overwhelmed. And as for a recent problem, Representative Ro Khanna, a Democrat, criticized the White House, noting the baby formula shortage is still ongoing. 

Discussing Operation Fly Formula, which was created by the Biden administration to help parents, Khanna declared, “we still don’t have baby formula on our shelves. Here [are] three simple things they could do: They could have a ban on exports of gas except for our European allies. They could actually be buying up food at cheap prices and selling it back to Americans at cheap prices. Look, the baby formula issue, I mean, I was talking to moms this weekend, we still don’t have baby formula on our shelves. I don’t understand why we’re not buying more European baby formula.”

Focusing on the Biden administration and how their plan isn’t working, Representative Khanna added, “The whole Operation Fly [Formula] has only produced one week of baby formula. So, we just have to be far more aggressive. And I have said, in the morning, afternoon, and evening, every day, we have to be talking about the economy and driving down food prices, gas prices, and making more things in the U.S.”

What made Khanna’s words even more powerful was how he said them while on CNN. During his campaign for President, CNN was a massive supporter of Joe Biden. That support has subsided over recent months after the network saw their viewership decline. 

Users online had their own questions, writing, “I thought it is all Putin’s fault. He ate all the baby formula, made American infrastructure to fall apart, …I have only one question. Why are there shortages of female hygiene products? What is Putin doing with them?

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