Washington Post Wants Republicans To Win In November, Huh?

So Democrats can win in 2024, they think.

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The liberal Washington Post thinks that if Republicans win Congress this year they will be so crazy that Biden will look good in comparison and will win in 2024. Not if Donald Trump has anything to do with it. And he will.

Fox: “Even The Washington Post will admit that the Democratic Party is in for a monumental loss during the upcoming midterm elections. Though few probably expected the outlet’s latest column to argue that losing badly in November might be the party’s best political strategy going forward.

On June 6, Washington Post contributing columnist Matt Bai wrote that Democrats will lose the House “and possibly the Senate” but that might be their best shot at retaining the White House in 2024.”

Bai: “If you’re a Democrat looking for reasons to be hopeful about your electoral prospects, then I’ve got one of those classic good news/bad news scenarios for you. The bad news … is that your party is heading for a world of hurt in November. Every poll can’t be wrong.

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“The good news is that getting blown out in 2022 may well be the only path you have to holding the White House in 2024.

“But everything we know about modern politics suggests that the best way — maybe the only way — for a Democrat to be re-elected is to also be the last guy standing between the broad American electorate and a whole lot of Republican crazy,” he wrote.

Bai insisted the  GOP is insane. “These aren’t the conservative revolutionaries of 1994 or even tea-party types of 2010. This is the mutant-gene version of a Republican uprising, a full-on crazy-eyed dystopian movement of conspiracists and authoritarians,” he said.

“Biden, similarly, has spent most of the past two years trying to satisfy the ascendant left of his party — the cringy-sounding ‘Squad’ and so forth — in a mostly vain effort to enact some kind of sweeping agenda.

“The party in charge has spent inordinate amounts of time talking about police reform and college loan forgiveness, while the rest of the country worries far more about rising crime and the price of gas and groceries,”he added.

If the Democrats lose this year, Bai says Biden will be free “to pursue the kind of mainstream liberal agenda — his landmark infrastructure law being a good example — that the voters thought they were getting in the first place.

“A newly emboldened Republican majority — like space junk orbiting its Trumpian star — will gravitate even more strongly toward antidemocratic themes of election fraud and intolerance… Biden will have the chance to rebrand himself as the grown-up standing firm against bullies and extremists.” He hopes. But Biden can’t run away from his record and President Trump will be right there to remind the American people of it and win a landslide reelection.

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18 days ago

Well, the Conservatives are fed up with this insane constant change of policy from this Administration that is destroying our democracy and country at an alarming rate. We now have Democrats joining in the fight against this left wing socialist agenda.

18 days ago

Matt Bai’s conspiracy theory is rot. Plain and simple. Like all liberal conspiracies, it not only fails to mention but totally ignores the wants of the American public. Like in, “I want to be able to afford food for my family!” Or, “I’d like to fill my car with gas without taking out a second mortgage!” Or, “Stay away from my kids!” Or, “When I want to get a vaccine, I’ll choose to get a vaccine. Got it?!” The Democrat Party, the party of SLAVERY, has deluded itself into thinking it can enslave all Americans. I don’t blame these feckless cowards. They are only following orders from the Global Cabal who finance their political careers under the threat of obsolescence if disobedient. The true Patriot is an American who wants what we had before the Democrat conspiracy upset the Great American Apple Cart. Most Americans who are not yet brainwashed by an abettor media are hard-core traditionalists who know right from wrong and have an actual moral base to their inviolable character.

17 days ago

These idiots couldn’t recognize the “mainstream” if they fell over it in broad daylight. I can almost imagine these knuckleheads at Little Big Horn:

Prog/Leftie: General Custer! There are Indians all around us!
Custer: Good! That’s just where we want them.

17 days ago

Creepy Joe proves everyday he should NEVER have been President and he also proves everyday that he is just a script reader for whoever is acting as the POTUS. Sorry state of affairs where you have a brain-damaged dinosaur supposedly running things into the ground.

16 days ago

For the GOP to stand by the Constitution, doesn’t make them authoritarian no.1, no.2, just wished they would/could CLEAN UP the House by indicting a lot of dims there in Congress betraying the People in the 2020 election, ILLEGAL Insider Stock Trading and on and on….Also, LYING about J6 – even the fbi said that there was NO insurrection that day….And give the J6 Prisoners the RIGHT to “due process”…….