Liberals Blame Everybody For Harris Failure…Except Harris

Makes total sense, right?

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It don’t make a difference is she’s black or white, a girl or a dude, or from California or Mars. Kamala Harris sucks at her job. Tucker Carlson has fun with her sad reputation.

Carlson: The true measure of character, a wise man once said, it’s not whether you make a mistake – all of us do – but whether you learn from that mistake. With those words in mind, we’d like to begin tonight with an admission. It’s contrition night on Fox News. It is time to reassess our view of Kamala Harris.

Now, if you watch the show, you know that for more than a year now, we’ve had a pretty conventional understanding of this country’s first Black/Indian/part Canadian vice president who also happens to identify as a woman. Now, we’ve assumed that Kamala Harris was historically unpopular because she’s historically incompetent and fake. We assume she earned her low approval numbers. We’re not alone in that. Lots of other people have come to the very same conclusion.

There’s currently a debate among software engineers about whether Harris is even of biological origin or instead the product of a classified government A.I. project gone wrong. We don’t know the answer, but we certainly understand the question. She’s that synthetic. So again, until the other day, we assumed that people don’t like Kamala Harris because she’s highly unlikable. Keep in mind that even her own husband kisses her with a mask on. To us, that seemed like a pretty clear sign. But we’re here tonight to tell you that assumptions can change, even assumptions rooted in overwhelming evidence and observable reality.

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Sometimes, and this happens, your entire worldview can flip upside down instantly, invert in a flash of light – ask Saul of Tarsus. Our road to Damascus experience came and we saw this clip of Joy Reid from MSNBC doing a drive time radio show. Watching it, we realized the problem isn’t Kamala Harris. The problem is us. So, take a look at this. Open your mind a little bit and see if you don’t come to the same life-changing conclusion that we did. Here’s Joy Reid.

JOY REID, MSNBC: I think for Kamala Harris, she’s had like the triple problem of being a woman – and so people not being willing to respect her the way they would respect male vice president – of being Black, which we already know that what that carries with it is the anti-Blackness comes, you know, with the package and then also being vice president at a time that is really, really difficult.

TIFFANY CROSS, MSNBC: Joy and I talk about this all the time, Madam Vice President… she “Black, Black.” Okay? She went to Howard and when she talks to you it is, I mean, she sounds like me. She’s so regular and approachable and I just it’s unfortunate that more people don’t do that and there’s also just the dumbing-down of the American electorate. You know, people don’t understand civics. They don’t understand politics. They don’t understand how things work.

Did you hear that? Have you internalized it? Have you brought it deep inside? Let it marinate a little bit. People who don’t like Kamala Harris are sexist, obviously, because like Admiral Rachel Levine, she identifies as a woman, too. They’re also racist because Kamala Harris is the daughter of a Jamaican college professor. Duh! And by the way, they’re also stupid, by definition. They know nothing about civics or American politics. This is the dumbing down of America. Unlike Kamala Harris, you don’t “understand how things work.”

So, the takeaway is Kamala Harris isn’t unpopular because she’s a bad person. She’s unpopular because you’re a bad person. You’re the problem. Your racism is hurting Kamala Harris’ political career. Damn you bigot!

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1 month ago

Here I am sounding like a stuck record (I still have records): you can’t fix stupid.