Liberal Governor Lies On Crime And Gun Ownership

Guns mean lower crime.

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A writer said, “An armed society is a polite society.” Yup, easy to figure out. But not for liberals.

Fox: “Calls have rung out across the nation demanding gun control laws in a bid to curb violent crimes such as the recent series of mass shootings. Data, however, show that in states with higher percentages of households with at least one gun, crimes are not higher than in states with strict gun laws.

Fox News Digital compiled FBI data from 2019 detailing murders and gun murders per 100,000 population for most states, as well as assembled Rand Corporation data released in 2020 showing the percentage of households with at least one firearm in 2016. The data does not reflect the skyrocketing violent crimes of 2020 and likely undercounts the current percentages of homes with at least one firearm as it does not reflect the influx of Americans who rushed to arm themselves in 2020.

The data show that many states with higher percentages of gun ownership had lower or similar murder and gun murder rates to states with strict gun control. Montana and Wyoming came in the top spots for states with the highest percentages of gun ownership, with more than 66% of households with at least one firearm. However, the states also saw murder and gun murder rates similar to states with strict gun laws.”

‘Gun ownership is higher in states with fewer restrictions, and homicide rates in these states are lower. People can protect themselves,’ George Mason University Professor Emerita Joyce Lee Malcolm told Fox News Digital of what she’s found through her research. Malcolm pointed to a study on burglars from 1986 that found 34% of burglars interviewed reported ‘to having been scared off, shot at, wounded or captured by an armed victim.’ ” California Gov Gavin Newsom recently said states with more guns had higher crime rates. He was lying.

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John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, looked at the data and said that though “graphs making comparisons across places are very common,” “they are too simplistic as they don’t account for many other reasons that crime rates can vary (such as law enforcement, drug gang problems, demographic, and cultural differences).”

He said we should look at a “singular place over time to see how crime rates change as gun ownership rates change and to compare them in many different places.” He saud there are places all over the world that “have banned either all guns or all handguns, yet every single time that those bans have been enacted, murder/homicide rates have gone up.”

“The explanation is simple: while you might take some guns away from criminals, if you primarily have law-abiding people obeying the ban, you mainly disarm law-abiding people and make it easier for criminals to commit crime,” he said.

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1 month ago

Someone somewhere was expecting newsome to tell the truth about something?

1 month ago

A criminal armed with a weapon (knife, pistol, rifle) will be stopped quicker and easier if a law abiding citizen is armed with a weapon (pistol/rifle) that will only be used to stop a criminal. Criminals do not care how many laws or how strict the laws are, they will continue to have a weapon. If they know law abiding citizens cannot carry a weapon, it makes their criminal activity easier.

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