George Soros Exposed: 20% Of America Is Living Under One Of His Soft On Crime District Attorneys [VIDEOS]

His next move is specifically targeting Latinos...

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Fox News hosts Pete Hegseth, and Will Cain dug into one common thread regarding some of the most radical district attorneys within the United States – that common thread being George Soros.

Displaying a group photo that saw the likes of George Gascon, Kim Foxx, Chesa Boudin, Mike Schmidt, and Kim Gardner all posing together, Fox News host Cain jumped into what can no longer be ignored regarding the funding backing these radicals district attorneys – adding that the “antisemitism” trope is a tired excuse.

“The tie that binds that class photo and binds George Gascon, Kim Fox, and many others is George Soros. When you bring up George Soros his name, people automatically accuse you of antisemitism. It’s inappropriate. It doesn’t matter his religion, his ethnicity, or his heritage. He backs all of these district attorneys.”

Cain continued from there, saying that a single man – that being Soros – is basically shaping the American criminal justice system almost singlehandedly, noting that one in five Americans reside in an area where a Soros DA is operating.

“Our crime philosophy in the United States of America is driven by George Soros’ vision. Another one would be Milwaukee: John Chisholm. John Chisholm, of course, in 2021, the crime is up over 25%; 26% in Milwaukee. Now listen, I want to keep telling you about these stats because this is a larger picture than each of these individual cities. Pete’s right. This type of funding in these local races is big people. And it adds up to one in five Americans – half of the people who live in big cities – 20% of Americans in total live under these policies.”

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In Cain’s podcast, where he covered the recent recall of San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, he noted that if San Francisco voters are fed up with the Soros DA brand of being soft on crime, then this could very well be foreshadowing of a red wave come the midterms later this year and in the 2024 election.

“If they’re recalling liberal district attorneys in San Francisco, what will happen in Pennsylvania, what will happen in Georgia? What will happen to the White House in two and a half years? Anticipate an absolute bloodbath, anticipate a red wave this November, and one to soon follow in 2024.”

But Boudin functioning as a radical district attorney was hardly shocking, considering he comes from a family rife with radicalistic and terroristic backgrounds – with Boudin’s parents both being terrorists affiliated with Weather Underground that helped the Black Liberation Army with the infamous 1981 Brink’s armored car robbery that killed two cops and one Brink’s security guard. Furthermore, Cain pointed out how Boudin’s grandfather Leonard Boudin helped represent Fidel Castro in 1960.

While appearing on Dan Bongino’s show, author Matt Palumbo spoke out about why Soros seems to be so heavily invested in securing district attorneys as of late, claiming that by installing a preferred district attorney, Soros can effectively have control over that respective population impacted.

“You know, $100 million in a presidential election might not move the needle that much, but spending 200 or 300K on a local DA race where there’s not much money is being spent will have that impact. And it also gives him much more direct control over people, you know, when the DA is in charge of an area, they have choices over the sentencing decisions, what kind of crimes get enforced. All sorts of things that pertain to law and order, and you don’t need to go through any legislative process – you just pick, you know, in his case, a lot of crackpots, and they pretty much do his bidding for him.”

Bongino later introduced guest Edgar Beltran, who serves as the deputy editor of El American, while mentioning, “George Soros has a new target. By the way, did you hear this? Hispanic voters, if you miss this story, pay close attention – a group he’s partially bankrolling is buying more than a dozen Hispanic radio talk stations. Why is that?”

Beltran explained that Soros is not unhip to how Biden is losing Hispanic voters, adding that Soros is also aware that “American politics occur progressively and from the grassroots,” hence why he’s going after Hispanic radio stations to change the pro-Republican narrative often seen on these stations and replace it with “progressive, anti-American messages.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on June 12, 2022. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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Stephen Russell
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Soon minus 2 for CA ahead