Gay Pride Parade Attendees Not Happy With Supremes

The court, not the girl group.

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

The Germans have this thing. It’s called “schadenfreude.” One of the other writers here told me about it.

It’s when you laugh at something that makes somebody else mad or at their misery. Well, this story on the gay pride parade is full of schadenfreude.

Also, full of women who are upset they can’t get abortions in some states anymore. Except for them to need an abortion someone is going to have to get them pregnant. Look at them, especially the female in the tweet. She gonna get pregnant by any guy?

And what to lesbians need to be worried about abortions for? If they get pregnant through artificial insemination then they want it and planned it. So what’s the problem?

Fox: “Pride March attendees in the Big Apple, including Cynthia Nixon, were outraged over the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, with many calling for action to counter the ruling.

“It’s a travesty,” Nixon, a former “Sex and the City” star, told Fox News at the annual parade. “It goes against legal precedent and the desires of the American people and just common sense.”

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Other attendees at Sunday’s parade told Fox News called the Supreme Court’s decision “disgusting” and said they were “devastated” and “felt physically ill.’ ”

Cathy, who works for a gay group, the LGBTQ Task Force, said “it felt like a real punch in the stomach” when she heard. “Queer people get pregnant. Bisexual women get pregnant. Trans people get pregnant,” Cathy told press. “So reproductive rights is an issue for us, and it’s also a broader issue of bodily autonomy.” Nope. Only actual women get pregnant.

“We need to stand up on a global scale, like Middle East, Asia,” Alex, from New York, told media. “We need to really rise and fight for what is right.” You mean like not killing babies?

Another New Yorker at the Pride March said: “This is just the start of something bigger, and it’s scary. And we need to use that as ammunition to fight.” Just the start? Can’t wait for more.

Cynthia Nixon, who ran for New York City mayor and was the ugly one on Sex In the City, said, “Codify Roe v. Wade and expand the court.” One woman said “the government is headed in a direction where women are not going to be equal to men.” You mean they are now? Then what are you complaining about?

“We can’t have lifelong term limits. We need more justices,” she said. “We can’t have nine people making decisions for 300-something million people.” Yup, all for term limits. Let’s start with Congress.

Jorge, of Massachusetts, said the U.S. needs to drop the electoral college so that “we’re not held hostage by these very conservative states that do not represent the majority.” Jorge doesn’t like the Constitution alot. I bet in a number of ways.

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1 month ago

Apparently a lot of Leftist Broads are going to keep Sex away from Men.
Men are responding “Uhhh, okay; whatever” !

1 month ago

Not one of them mentioned children – or where they themselves came from – it’s strange:
All as if Huxley’s “Brave New World” had already happened – and it’s only “1984”.
Ad to prove this, our LGBTxyzetc “friends” have already twice blocked this post.
This is the best way, of course, of showing “Tolerance”, “Openness” and “Inclusion”.
They wouldn’t even know what these mean – as little as they know about Nature, Sex, and Humanity.