If there are a few things most of the country knows is true is that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t hang himself and that his client list, people he provided underage girls for, reads like a MVP list of Democrats and pedo Hollywood.

Talking about his “suicide,” it was way too convenient. He could have named people on the list that could have sent people to jail or at least ruined their jobs.

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Cause who’s gonna go see a movie or vote for someone who sexually abuses underage children? Can you imagine how many big names are on that list? We know that Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Allan Dershowitz, and others visited Epstein’s Lolita Island or flew on Epstein’s plane where young girls also were provided.

But people who leak to their friends in the press, like we just saw on Roe, now are not saying a word on this. Why? They know what happened to Seth Rich, a potential Democrat whistle-blower who was killed in 2019.

Now Elon Musk, a man who is so rich he doesn’t worry about getting in trouble with the Deep State or New World Order, wants to know who is on the Epstein list. I bet Musk suspects that some of those names are the same one who have been trying to get him to shut up or stop him buying Twitter.

Fox Business: “Elon Musk took to Twitter Saturday to ask if anyone was bothered by how quiet the ‘leaking’ Justice Department is when it comes to the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said the DOJ, which grew notoriety for leaking under former President Donald Trump, was remarkably silent about the deceased convicted pedophile.

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“Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares,” Musk tweeted. “Doesn’t that seem odd?” he asked his 96.5 million followers.

The image included a photo of what appears to be a dragon or wyvern, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a unicorn, and the words, “The Epstein/Maxwell client list.”

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“Sometimes I think my list of enemies is too short, so,” Musk added in a subsequent tweet. The man is funny. And reporter Maria Bartiromo says Musk is calling bs Biden’s false brag on the economy.

Bartiromo: ‘Elon Musk saying that he is going to be cutting 10% of the workforce at Tesla and putting a pause in place for new hiring because he has, quote, a super bad feeling about the economy. That’s where we are right now. Worries about a profit recession, worries about layoffs to come and job cuts really are the story in the face of job creation for the month of May. So, again, good number, solid job growth, but it does overstate the strength of this recovery because it really is about the consumer. And the consumer is working down their savings. The savings rate has plummeted. And Jamie Dimon said consumers have about 6 to 9 weeks left of money in savings. And at that point, we’re going to see a serious shift in consumer spending. That’s really what it’s about. Consumer spending represents two-thirds of economic growth.” Yepper, Musk is saying some serious things that piss off the right people.