The Biden administration does all it can to discourage parents from getting involved in politics and in their communities. It even labels them “terrorists” if they try and speak out.

They do this because they know people become more conservative when they become parents because now they have more to lose and are also thinking about their kids.

Biden’s people seem to save their really harsh words and actions for moms. Single childless liberal women hate the whole idea of family and there are so many of them in the Biden administration that they lash out at conservative moms in some kind of personal psychological vendetta.

But real moms are fighting back. In fact, all over in politics and in conservative media moms are leading the way in standing up for families and their children and opposing the agenda of Biden and his radical Hollywood pedo perv pals.

Fox: “Virginia voters are heading to the polls Tuesday for the state’s primary elections, with education and inflation as two of the top issues.

Virginia mothers Cheryl Onderchain, Amie Bowman, and Briana Howard joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss these key issues and how they have impacted their families ahead of the midterm elections.”

“I think we’re going to see a huge red wave, not just in Virginia in November, but across the country,” Onderchain, a single mother of three, told co-host Carley Shimkus. “Education has been a huge one for me for… over two years now, ever since they closed schools and I became an accidental activist and part of the parents’ movement here.”

Dr. Amie Bowman, also a mother of three, said education, inflation, and “social instability” are issues she thinks will decide upcoming elections.

“This year, as parents, we found out that more than 60% of the kids in Virginia at the third and the eighth-grade level aren’t proficient in reading or in math, and yet the schools seem more concerned about what pronouns the students are using and whether they can… understand the language of oppressed versus oppressor,” Bowman said. “Well, where does reading and math come in? That was their job.”

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“It’s just a nightmare any time you go to the grocery store, even food shortages,” Howard said. “I went to go get eggs yesterday and I had to go to two different grocery stores to get eggs for my family.

“I think politicians need to recognize the struggles and the trauma that many families have faced over the course of the last two years and really create solutions,” she continued. “I think many people are feeling what can go wrong next, and we need hope. We need solutions for many of the problems that are in our communities.”