Biden Wants High Gas Prices

Part of a plan.

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Joe Biden wants high gas prices so he can force us all to drive electric cars like in Commie California. Not on your life. Internal combustion forever. Congressman Fred Keller talk about it.

Keller: Every day, energy prices in America hit new record highs, leaving American families wondering when relief will come.

During a press conference last week, President Biden said that high gas prices were part of an “incredible transition” to become “less reliant on fossil fuels.”

This “incredible transition” that the president referred to isn’t fooling anybody. This administration has made clear—in no uncertain terms—that instead of working seriously to alleviate Americans’ pain at the pump, the president will continue to suffocate the domestic oil and natural gas industry in hopes of replacing it with an unrealistic and far-left Green New Deal.

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Americans are feeling the blowback from this administration’s shift away from clean, affordable, American energy. Economists are projecting that the national price for a gallon of gas will exceed $6 by August. Americans are on track to pay 78 percent more this year at the pump then they did a year ago. With Joe Biden in office, it’s no wonder inflation is out of control.

All hope is not lost. The solution to our troubles lies beneath our feet, and unleashing American oil and natural gas resources through domestic drilling is our only chance to curb inflation and rebuild America’s economic might.

That’s why over 20 of my Republican colleagues and I recently introduced legislation calling on the Biden administration to reverse course and increase domestic drilling for oil and natural gas.

Here are four reasons why the Biden administration should support domestic drilling: 1. Consumer savings: While energy prices are influenced by a broad range of factors—both in and outside of our control— there’s no doubt that U.S. policy plays a key role in shaping the price that Americans see at the pump.

2. Reduced emissions: The United States is not only the top producer of oil and natural gas, but also a leader in cutting its carbon footprint, reducing emissions by 17 percent below its 2005 level—more than any other country. It’s also telling that the United States—who wasn’t part of the Paris Climate Accord in 2017—reduced its carbon emissions by 0.5 percent that year—more than all major emission-producing countries who did sign the agreement.

3. Good paying jobs and stronger communities: Domestic drilling is fueling job growth and creating unparalleled prosperity for American families. The United States’ oil and gas industry directly employs 2.6 million Americans and supports another 9.8 million jobs, accounting for 5.6 percent of the nation’s total employment.

4. National security: Thirty-five percent of energy consumption in the U.S. comes from oil, making the Strategic Petroleum Reserve critical to our national security. Used in the past to offset major disruptions to the global energy supply—during events like Hurricane Katrina and Operation Desert Storm, the SPR is now at its lowest level in 35 years due the Biden administration unwisely using it as a stopgap to try and lower gas prices.

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Timothy Toroian
Timothy Toroian
28 days ago

Of course, he does, this jackass thinks people can be forced into clean energy even if it isn’t there. He will be responsible for heat-related deaths and “exposure deaths this next winter. And if gas prices are too expensive people will be forced to public transportation and live close together as the left intends when single-dwelling zoning is banned in the entire country. If you don’t know they want that google it. And if you don’t currently know that keep up because they have nuttier stuff in mind. Maine already has eliminated single-dwelling zoning which makes no frigging sense in such a rural state.

28 days ago

If there is anyone left who doesn’t already know the fraudulent president is a simpleton, then let him pay $10/gal. The rest of us are reaching a boiling point. And history tells us repeatedly that that is not good. What is happening not only on the energy front but around the globe is the result of the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab & minions) and the sycophants they’ve installed at the heads of every major government is an actual war. It was declared and unleashed a while ago but the distracted middle and lower classes did not even realize the “enemy” was descending upon them. Well, they should know now. The question is: Who is going to take the head off this snake?

Stephen Weiss
Stephen Weiss
28 days ago

Biden is going to see an incredible tranformation alright..in November 2022 when the Democrats lose control of both the House and the Senate and again in January 2023 when Congress impeaches him

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
28 days ago

Since he shut down pipelines & driling etc

27 days ago

Said it before: If they deplete the reserves but in the meantime pretend to be buying oil from enemies who will probably sell at very high price for a trickle, then they will try to force us to buy into electric mode of transportation. “We, the people” need to just revert back to the 1920 or so and start moving about in horse and buggy. Might be slow but “we win” We can even get better chemical free fertilizer and maybe cheaper to maintain.