I’ve always been averse to hopping on bandwagons or following trends and will actively resist them when promoted by leftists. However, I will, occasionally, join a movement (i.e., Tea Party, MAGA, etc.) if it triggers in me that, I’ll show up for this even if no one else does instinct. Maybe it’s the American revolutionary in me. Some of us remember that old, quaint notion of individualism, liberty, and limited government of, by, and for the people, right?

We’ve seen bandwagons and trends form over the past two years connected with CCP virus mandates, bans, cancellations, and censorship. I’ll research my own information and then choose my own medical care, thank you very much.

And isn’t it so convenient, not to mention astonishing, that the “science” and “facts” always align with the Democrats’ agenda? However, the science and facts offered for discussion by Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians is “misinformation?” How is it the right hasn’t been correct on the “science” even once, but the left is right every single time? How could that possibly happen in the real world? It can’t. This isn’t the real world.

Most educated leftists, while in high school or college, read or were familiar with the synopses of novels such as 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Atlas Shrugged. They likely recognized the obvious oppression that occurs when a group of elites determines for everyone what “science” and “facts” are and what the “news” is.

What can you call it when one party owns everything considered “good” or “right,” which reflects its political agenda, and everything “bad” or “wrong” reflects yours? Unethical? Immoral?

For example, I know someone whose daughter competes in a particular sport. The facility she attends has suffered from the most uncompromising mask-mandate mania of all the facilities in their league.

Even this state, Washington, Dictator Jay Inslee finally performed some mysterious incantation that suddenly lifted mask mandates as the calendar struck March 12th, (because science!). But the obdurate management at this facility has decided to keep those little tykes in facecloths beyond that magic date. In other words, they’re voluntarily continuing the child abuse.

They’re following what Dictator Inslee likely wanted to continue, statewide. This authoritarian dimwit recently accused Republicans of not wanting people to wear masks or to get vaccinated because conservatives don’t care if people die. Right.

His assertion that people who oppose mask and “vaccine” mandates equates to people opposing masks or “vaccines” is a lie. I don’t know a single Republican, conservative, or libertarian who wants to restrict people who want to wear a mask or get the jab.

Isn’t that the point? The right’s argument is about freedom, after all. The left even admits that—with disdain.

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

Even with the dictator lifting the mask mandates, that girl’s father told me he can’t figure out the management’s justification for continuing their “mask mandate,” which we concede they have a right to do, but common sense dictates they shouldn’t.

He said they’ve been telling parents they’re strictly following the “science” as recommended by the CDC and mandated by the state. But the CDC and state are dropping the mandates, so they can’t even argue they’re following fake “science.”

This isn’t following even fake science. This is not getting off the bandwagon even when its wheels have fallen off. Now, we’re seeing the “bandwagon” effect with another “mandate.” But the new authoritarians have outfitted a new bandwagon.

As the Babylon Bee recently reported, vaccine passport mandates are being replaced with Support for Ukraine passport mandates.

Of course, I support the Ukrainians against the megalomaniac Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked savagery. However, I’m not boycotting ordinary Russian businesses, products, and people unless it directly benefits Putin. Alienating average Russians will discourage, not encourage, them to keep protesting their government’s aggression against Ukraine.

This new virtue signal bandwagon mandates that we all hate everything—and I mean everything—Russian. Cancel your reservations at the Russian Tea Room. Russian salad dressing… toss it out! If you’re a symphony, toss out the young pianist, who’s spoken out in support of Ukraine, because he’s Russian.

I read a meme yesterday with “The Dude” (Jeff Bridges) of The Big Lebowski fame holding what “used to be” a White Russian, saying, “It’s a White Ukrainian from now on, man!” Russian Roulette? If you’re a conservative, they still might let you play that game.

And then there’s Elon Musk. Space.com has reported some countries asked the liberty-loving philanthropist and tech genius to block Russian media from his Starlink satellite network.

Musk tweeted, “Starlink has been told by some governments (not Ukraine) to block Russian news sources,” Musk wrote on Twitter Saturday (March 5). “We will not do so unless at gunpoint.”

Musk, though he need not apologize, added, “Sorry to be a free speech absolutist.”

With all the legitimate technical help he’s provided to Ukraine, which is more than many nations have done and more helpful, some are now criticizing the man for not hopping on the hate-everything-Russian bandwagon.

What is it about so many people (the left) these days who have this insatiable need for everyone to think, act, and believe just as they do or else? If they don’t, they’re declared anti-whatever or are accused of peddling “misinformation.” The non-compliant need to be mandated, banned, canceled, or censored out of society?

Space.com added, “SpaceX’s Starlink internet is active in Ukraine and the company sent antennas and terminals to the country this week to help restore internet and communications after widespread outages caused by Russia’s invasion on Feb. 24. Those terminals arrived on Monday (Feb. 28).

“SpaceX’s Starlink system is a satellite megaconstellation designed to provide high-speed, low-latency broadband internet access to regions all over the world, with a focus on remote or underserved areas. The company has launched over 2,000 satellites since 2019 to build up the Starlink network.”

Rather than a proclivity toward bully bandwagon pseudo-philanthropy, geopolitics, or whatever, I’ll choose to hop aboard Elon Musk’s satellite megaconstallation, instead. At least there they recognize our right to think, act, and believe any peaceful way we wish.