WASHINGTON, DC – Some long-awaited answers may finally come to light regarding the mysterious case of Ray Epps, an Arizona man who was once on the FBI’s list of sought after January 6th suspects who then disappeared from that same list.

According to reports, the Department of Justice is slated to release in the coming weeks a “disclosure” regarding Epps, reportedly after numerous requests coming from attorneys representing January 6th defendants.

Politico described the curiosity surrounding Epps, a former Oath Keeper, as being tantamount to “conspiracy theories,” but various pundits and some criminal defendants charged in connection with the Capitol incident suspect there’s something off about Epps – some even wondering if he was an FBI informant meant to rile up and incite criminal activity at the Capitol.

On March 29th, Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Rochlin said that the DOJ is working to release a “disclosure” regarding the former Oath Keeper.

“What I can…tell the court is that the U.S. Attorney’s Office has been working on a disclosure pertaining to Mr. Epps.”

Rochlin added that this disclosure should be ready in, “give or take, another week or two,” and that it would be made available to any defense attorney representing a client in the Capitol incident case who requests it.

The Miami-based assistant U.S. attorney stressed that while the government intends to gather and disclose this relevant information pertaining to Epps, this act in no way serves as an affirmation by the prosecution that any informants present at the Capitol were tasked with “fomenting rebellion.”

Questions surrounding Epps have been circulating ever since the unusual circumstances of his removal from the wanted list by the FBI regarding January 6th. As the Washington Examiner put it, Epps was taken off the list “without explanation after nearly six months.”

But it’s not only the fact that Epps was removed from the FBI’s wanted list with little reason afforded that questions remain about him, but the fact that there are videos of him on January 5th and 6th urging people to actually go inside of the Capitol.

There were so many questions regarding Epps never being arrested or charged that Senator Ted Cruz questioned officials during a January proceeding on just who this Epps character is.

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Politico reported that John Blischak, an attorney representing Epps, didn’t comment on the upcoming disclosure coming from the DOJ, but did reference that his client had already, “provided a full disclosure to the House committee,” regarding his exploits at the Capitol on January 6th.

Nonetheless, attorneys representing the January 6th defendants are looking forward to what the DOJ is going to be releasing regarding Epps. Kobie Flowers, who is representing defendant Paul Johnson, said this information on Epps will help in generating their defense.

” That information…is extremely important in the preparation of our defense.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on March 30, 2022. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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