If you look at everything through the twisted kaleidoscope of leftist ideology you are bound to get the facts wrong. So goes it with COVID and the media.

Remember early 2020? It was a superplague that was going to kill us all. That was wrong. Then Trump’s incompetence was going to murder us. Wrong again. In fact, Trump’s Operation Warp Speed strangled the thing in its cradle. But Democrats didn’t let that get in the way of a good crisis.

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Then the vaccine would save us and anybody not getting vaccinated was a selfish monster. Oh wait, the first vaccine wasn’t enough, as opposed to what the media initially put out. Then a second vaccine. Oops, still not enough. Then a booster, but dagnabbit, people with all three kept getting COVID or a variant, thus ruining the media narrative. Not to mention, if most are vaccinated then how are so many still getting sick?

Then we turned to Fauci and lionized him. But he turned out to be a lying greedy health bureaucrat. Then Biden’s programs would stop the thing. However, Joe is so out to lunch he thinks it’s the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1920. And here we are. Every media spin has been late or wrong and most both. Joe Concha takes it from here.

Concha: The media finally gets it on COVID. But it’s two years too late!

For nearly 24 months, Americans have been told many things about COVID-19, and if you questioned those things you were labeled crazy. A conspiracy theorist.

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For example, let’s say you agreed with Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who raised the possibility in February 2020 that COVID may have come from a lab in Wuhan, China, that studies, you know, coronaviruses, through gain of function research. But the headlines came fast and furious. Cotton is nuts! Don’t listen to this Republican freak! But then major media did a complete 180 on Cotton’s theory. The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin said it best.

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Now after calling for kids to embrace remote learning and eating outside in 20-degree weather, all in the name of public safety, of course, everyone – media, Democrats – wants our kids back in school even as cases skyrocket under Omicron.

Because schools, they finally realized two years later, are the safest place for children to be! And now it turns out COVID hospitalizations may be overcounted. For instance, if someone goes into the hospital for a broken leg, and they also have COVID … that’s not a COVID hospitalization, is it?

And now, even the president’s advisers are calling for a change in course. A change in course that many on the center-right and right have advocated from the very beginning. COVID may be on the rise, but so is opposition to lockdowns and school closures. Opposition the media has now finally joined. To quote Die Hard’s John McClane, welcome to the party, pal!