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France Closes Radical Islamist Mosques

It's about time.

There is a difference between those who practice Islam and Islamists. Muslims like King Abdullah of Jordan and President Sisi of Egypt are strong friends and allies of this nation and, covertly, of Israel. The House of Saud is the same on both counts.

But those friends cannot obscure the fact that there are Islamist extremists like the Taliban, the Iranians, and others all over the world who seek to destroy Western freedom just as the USSR once did and as China still does today. Our fight with them will be, to quote Ted Sorenson, a long twilight struggle.

They have especially chosen France because the French, as an open nation to refugees, allowed many Islamists to settle there in the past. Ayatollah Khomeini worked from there in the 70s to overthrow the Shah and establish the terrorist regime that continues to rule in Tehran. In fact, there are suburbs of Paris where French law is not upheld. Sharia rules in those rebel neighborhoods and the French have allowed it. But times are changing. The Macron administration has cracked down on radical Islamists and has shut down mosques that sponsor them. Here is the story of one.

FNC: “A mosque in northern France has been shut down after the government determined that the place of worship was “inciting hatred” against Christians and Jews, as well as gay people.

The Daily Mail reported that earlier this year the French government announced it was cracking down on places of worship and groups suspected of pushing radical Islamic propaganda. The interior ministry revealed earlier this month that they had investigated 100 mosques and Muslim prayer halls in recent months out of more than 2,600 across France due to fears of ‘separatist’ ideology being spread across the country.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced earlier this month that his administration was in the process of shutting down the mosque. The mosque was accused of hosting a regular speaker that pushed its members toward violent radicalization, according to translations provided by EuroNews. Darmanin has been a point man for dozens of investigations into reportedly radical mosques across France. The minister previously stated that 99 mosques have so far been controlled for advocating dangerous or violent ideology.”

Are you embarrassed that Joe Biden is our "president"?

The mosque’s speaker was “presented as an occasional speaker but who, in reality, acts as a regular imam.” He made comments to the congregation that “glorify jihad and the fighters, whom he describes as heroes.”

“Of these 99 [mosques], 21 have been closed, and 6 are currently in the process of being closed,” Darmanin reported earlier in December, according to EuroNews. “We also found that 36 of these mosques had accepted the demands of the Republic – either to leave a particular federation, or to separate from the imam whom we considered dangerous, or to stop foreign funding, or unfortunately to combine these provisions – and so we removed them from the list.” Vive la France!

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