WATCH: CNN Talent Put ‘On Notice’ As ‘New Boss’ Sends Blistering Message

Lemon, Cuomo, Stelter and the rest...

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CNN has long been known to be Fake News and an enemy of the people and it appears that they are soon to be facing a reckoning for their propagandist ways.

Discovery Inc is set to acquire the declining ‘news’ outlet.

Discovery’s top shareholder appeared on CNBC and made a statement that should have many at CNN wondering about their future with the network.


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“I would like to see CNN evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with. And, you know, actually have journalists which would be unique and refreshing. I think a coward’s way out would be to sell it or spin it off and then sell it.” – John Malone

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John’s words should come as no surprise to anyone who gets their news from outlets outside of the propagandist legacy media companies.

The wonderful people of the internet had a few words to say about the clip above.

“So this essentially means Brian Stelter is out of a job…”

“IDK, CNN hasn’t had real journalists in… decades. That would be weird.”

“They’d have to fire almost everyone.”

“Same. I’ve been saying this since 2015 when it was Trump 24/7.”

“I remember CNN was actually a good network to watch and get unbiased news…’s unwatchable.”

“I’m old enough to remember when CNN had a substantial investigative news arm. It was telling when they slashed those positions.”

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on November 20, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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2 months ago

So the best way to fix a system so broken beyond repair is to retake it by firing all those responsible?


Adrian Gall
Adrian Gall
2 months ago

Fire them all! They are all liars and worthless

2 months ago
Reply to  Adrian Gall

Mr. Malone should sell the network to the Disney Corp., and they can turn it into a cartoon channel.

2 months ago

CNN has been a joke for so long it is probably not salvageable.