Ted Cruz Defends Thanksgiving Against MSNBC

MSNBC hates this country.

Image Credit: YouTube/Fox News

For most of us Thanksgiving will be a day to give thanks for living in a free and prosperous America. But not for MSNBC. They hate this country and they hate you. That’s why they will do all they can to ruin anything that would engender American patriotism. Ted Cruz won’t stand for it.

FNC: “Sen. Ted Cruz blasted MSNBC over the weekend after it aired an essay on the ‘real story’ of Thanksgiving which claimed the national holiday was a day of ‘genocide and violence.’ Cruz was responding to a segment on MSNBC accusing white people of not accurately telling the story of Thanksgiving and blaming the pilgrims for the ‘white supremacy’ affecting the nation today.”

[email protected] corporate message: Thanksgiving sucks,” the Texas Republican tweeted. “Come for the lies; stay for the anti-American hate.”

MSNBC slandered our forefathers over the holiday. “Instead of bringing stuffing and biscuits, those settlers brought genocide and violence,” MSNBC posted on Twitter Saturday. “That genocide and violence is still on the menu.”

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“The mythology of Thanksgiving closely mirrors the mythology of America,” left wing propagandist Gyasi Ross says in the clip posted, claiming that the idea of “equal exchange” between Native Americans and settlers on Thanksgiving is how America “wants to see itself.”

“The truth, of course, of Thanksgiving is much different,” Ross continues. “The truth is pilgrims did not bring turkey, or sweet potato pie, or cranberries to Thanksgiving. They could not. They were broke. They were broken. Their hands were out. They were begging. They brought nothing of value…Return the land,” Ross said. “Match the mythology. Then and only then we can all be equally thankful.” Conservatives hit back hard.

“We should encourage this from Democrats- more woke lunacy, please,” Buck Sexton tweeted. “Degrade the greatest country ever created. Spit all over our traditions. Finally, a solid majority of Americans are seeing the Left for what it is. A reckoning is coming. Midterms will be just the start.” Another comment, “I’m just surprised this incredibly stupid MSNBC lady didn’t call the Pilgrims buckle-hatted Kyle Rittenhouses,” Federalist co-founder Ben Domenech tweeted.

In related news on the Senator, Cruz wants the US to go to the Beijing Olympics. Other conservatives demand a boycott. “I think it’s a mistake to have a full boycott of the Olympics. Jimmy Carter tried that in the 1970s. All it did was punish a generation of athletes,” Cruz said. “We’ve got young men and young women, Americans who spent their whole lives practicing for this moment. I don’t want to punish those young athletes…At the Winter Olympics in Beijing, we must: 1. Have the courage to call out the murder, the genocide, the torture, and the lies and the complicity in COVID-19 of the Chinese Communist government. 2. Kick their commie asses and win!”

David Kamioner
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David Kamioner is a veteran of U.S. Army Intelligence and an honors graduate of the University of Maryland's European Division. He also served with the Pershing Nuclear Brigade and the First Infantry Division. Subsequent to that he worked for two decades as a political consultant, was part of the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina disaster relief effort in Louisiana, ran a homeless shelter for veterans in Philadelphia, and taught as a college instructor. He serves as a Contributing Editor for LifeZette.

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Walter Kowalczyk
Walter Kowalczyk
11 days ago

My neighborhood in Detroit was safe till the non-indigenous moved in. I give thanks that I moved.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
11 days ago

How many from MSNBC will dine from garbage cans?? IE MSNBC staffers

11 days ago

When my ancestors arrived at Plymouth the Potowomates welcomed them as friends and more importantly allies against their more powerful and aggressive neighbors, the Iroquois to the north and northwest and the Narragansetts to the west and southwest. Both of whom had a history waging war against the Potowomates and taking their women as sex slaves.
The notion that the natives of the Americas all lived in peace and harmony with each other and nature is absurd at best. They were no more immune from human conflict and the practice of slavery than any other peoples anywhere.
The fact is they were all the remanents of higher collapsed situations and were some 3000 years behind the Europeans in terms of social and technological development of not more.
They had no iron. The vast majority had only rudimentary forms of written language if any. And none of them had much as invented the wheel! Add in the brutal and savage practices of human sacrifice and cannibalism still in common use by far more tribes than just the Aztecs and Incas and the table was set for conflict and war in which only one side could prevail. And as always through history those with the most advanced technology and communication systems would prevail.

11 days ago

Why is this Gyasi Ross so full of hate? Was he there when all tis genocide took place? He seems so full for hate of the white man. He puts all the blame on The White Man. Ross, are a big bag of wind. Why don’t you get off shut your big negative mouth and do something constructive To better “Your People” instead of blaming the white man for all your problems. It’s tiresome to keep hearing people like you YAK, YAK and YAK about things that you think happened over 250 years ago. Go out and get a life.

11 days ago

MSDNC,CNN and the other fake news media outlets are in for a VERY rude awakening.