Kyle Rittenhouse has been found not guilty on all counts by a Wisconsin jury for the self defense killings of two Marxist thugs who threatened his life. The defense did its job well. The prosecution repeatedly stumbled. Justice was served.

The focus switches to Kenosha, and indeed to many American cities, to see if the dark armies of the night such as Antifa will take to the streets in orgies of burning and looting not seen since last year. In many of those locales, police will be bystanders. It has now become expected that certain elements in American society will behave like malevolent children when they do not get their way in the public sphere.

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These groups are supported, funded, and directed by the hard Left of the Democrat Party and more sinister forces who dwell in the shadows. There are even responsible analysts who think hostile foreign intelligence agencies may have a hand in our domestic unrest. Given the stated goals of these regimes, that would not be surprising. Great nations generally fall from within.

Expect the major media to somehow make the verdict about race, even though all concerned were white. Expect the White House to decry the verdict and have the DOJ bring civil rights charges against Rittenhouse. Sadly, this is not end of the ordeal for Kyle Rittenhouse. Perhaps, only the beginning.