I hate to say it—I truly do, but I live in a “slave state” called, Washington. I’m not making light of the evil institution that existed in the U.S. until the 19th century. Rather, I’m using the potent word slave to discern the condition that Americans are either free to enjoy all their God-given liberties the U.S. Constitution recognizes, and the government is established solely to protect, or the people are, at least, partially enslaved.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has assumed to himself the false authority, as did the historical slaveholders, to make critical decisions for his slaves—including medical. Dictator Inslee is deciding for people that they will receive the mRNA injection whether they like it or not. And, worse, whether they need it or not.

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He’s doing this based on the bogus notion people are “killing” other people by spreading the CCP virus and its variants. Get the shot or you’re killing people is the great lie that rides upon the back of the exploitation by some power-mad political leaders of what began as a legitimate health concern.

Recently, the Washington State Fire Marshal, Charles LeBlanc, spoke out against the state’s mRNA injection mandate. His head is on the “Covid” chopping block, as he’ll lose his job if he doesn’t get the jab, even though his doctor has told him the “vaccine” could kill him. The tyrant ruling the state doesn’t seem to care.

So, it’s no surprise last month Dictator Inslee decreed a resumption of the useless mask mandates. But one thing I’ve noticed, especially with the contrast provided by the dropping of the mask mandate for a couple of months, and then its inexplicable resumption, is my evolution in my mask mandate thinking.

From the CCP virus’ inception, I resisted wearing a mask. Aside from never liking wearing such masks, it made no sense to me. The size of a coronavirus alone compared to the minute gaps in fabric masks or even to a human hair convinced me. The only exception I made was bringing my grandkids to their games and practices.

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Initially, there was a miasma of information, amorphous and impossible to grasp. Waffling “experts” were of little help, and when someone who made sense spoke, the Left canceled or censored them. In early 2020, Saint Anthony Fauci told us it was unnecessary to wear masks. Later, he would tell us he lied to protect the mask supply for medical professionals. Now, he tells us to don, as Dan Bongino calls it, “the Deuce.”

Still, from the very beginning, as a long-time cop, my finely tuned BS detectors constantly sounded the alarm my federal and state governments were lying to me. If the info or data is from the CDC, FDA, or Washington State Department of Health, I reject it out of hand. It might even be correct, but I no longer trust them.

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Regardless, I accepted two premises: One, that it was okay to wear a mask specifically to make people who were legitimately frightened feel safer. And two, I defer to private businesses, which my libertarian inclinations tell me can and should make their own decisions about wearing masks in their establishments.

But too much BS has happened since then. Governors like Inslee continue to extend mask and mRNA injection mandates and threaten more lockdowns, which all fall well outside the scientific data.

If Dictator Inslee were following the science, he would not ignore obvious science such as natural immunities. Also, many business owners, those who have an affinity for leftist governments, are acting as de facto government agents aggressively enforcing government mandates when two minutes ago they were all about “resisting” President Trump.

Others are understandably afraid of losing their business licenses or being fined. However, in blue slave states, this tyranny will not end until the people, including business owners, fight (peacefully) the tyrants. We know these mandates and restrictions are bogus because other Americans continue to enjoy their liberties in red free states.

So, my evolution now includes not automatically donning a mask even if I choose to enter a business. I’ve decided not to make it easy for businesses to de facto endorse the dictator’s edicts. I understand it may make them uncomfortable, but that’s on them.

Also, many private business owners do not support the mandates and leave their guests to choose whether to wear a mask, even though they risk the wrath of the “Karens” ratting them out to the government.

Recently, I’ve been to two of my grandkid’s sports events at two different venues, one practice and one game. In both places, I was one of only three or four people not wearing a mask. I and the two others maskless insurgents nodded knowingly at each other, as Sam Adams might have to Paul Revere.

And, from the frivolous manner in which some others were “wearing” their masks, the “mask fatigue” is evident. My hope is people will increasingly ignore this useless mandate and join us “rebels.”

Still, if any business owner ever comes up to me and asks me to put on a mask on their property, I will do so politely, albeit reluctantly, or I will leave. In the end, it is their place. However, except for my grandkids’ sports, I will not patronize their establishment again and will not recommend it.

Isn’t our God-given liberty worth the price of someone being uncomfortable? In our nation, we have always made corrections to tyranny, but they often take time. Occasionally, in our history, federal and state government leaders have enacted liberty-infringing mandates. The Alien and Sedition Act, for example, FDR’s attempt to stack the Supreme Court and, the most infamous of all, the Japanese-American internment.

Though what’s happening in some American states right now does not compare to the WWII internment, the premise is similar—it’s for the public good. How can you argue against protecting America from Japanese spies during wartime? How can you argue against protecting America from a deadly contagion during a pandemic?

The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 were not fully repealed or had expired until 1802. And Japanese Americans were interned for two and a half years from 1942 into 1945 when the last internment camp was closed.

But, as bad as those oppressive overreaches of government authority were, they affected relatively few Americans. Today, with people in blue slave states having family members in red free states, and with Joe Biden’s invasive Executive Orders, the “Covid oppression” affects nearly every American, every day.