As ports get backed up in California, New York, New Jersey and Georgia, leaving shelves empty and products on backorder for months, where in the world is our great and competent Secretary of Transportation, Mr. Pete Buttigieg?

That would be the great Pete Buttigieg who was nominated for the position because he was gay, not because he had transportation experience or was competent in any shape, matter or form. 

Even leftist Slate Magazine said he was a disastrous nominee (my words not theirs). In THEIR words they said, “Is Pete Buttigieg the most deserving person for this job? Emphatically not. Does he know the most about transit? I’m not even sure he knows the most about transit among former Slate bloggers.”

Pete’s great claim to fame was being Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and being a loser in the democrat presidential primary. Most likely, his nomination by Biden was payback – a thank you for dropping out of the race to help clear the way for Lunch Bucket Joe to be the democrat presidential nominee.

But neither of them is competent to solve any of the problems in our country. In fact, democrats are the ones causing most of our problems and currently Biden and Buttigieg are nowhere to be found on the supply chain problems.

We’re stuck with missing products, higher prices and a complete FUBAR of the government’s making. As the Atlantic admits, “America is running out of everything.”

And it’s only going to get worse.

Guess what else the government is looking into? Mandating that truckers get COVID-19 vaccines. How many truckers (of whom we already have a short supply of) are going to be quitting?


COVID-19 didn’t cause this supply chain problem. The government’s response to COVID-19 caused this. Paying workers to stay home caused this. Advanced child tax credit payments caused this. Vaccine mandates caused this. Democrats caused this.

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And not only is Pete NOT doing anything about the problem, he’s not even giving us any of the normal BS lip service about why the democrats aren’t to blame for the record numbers of cargo ships that are backed up in our country.

I can see why getting the supply chain going is NOT a priority for Pete. It’s not really on his radar. His Twitter account says he’s “working to ensure safety and make transportation more equitable while fighting climate change and creating jobs.”

Yep. Equity and climate change are Pete’s priorities.

He’s too busy tweeting about Biden’s fake infrastructure bill, seat belts, supporting gays and Latinos, and reminding everyone that transit is an environmental justice issue because subways weren’t built to deal with climate change and it impacts the people of color who don’t have a way home when there is flooding.

And in a recent tweet, the ONLY one I found from him that addresses ANY kind of supply change issue, he seems to pretend it has nothing to do with him. Not only does he chalk up the supply chain problems to just being about “a record number of goods” coming in, he also re-tweeted about Biden forming a Task Force in June that is “hard at work engaging industry to address supply and demand mismatches.”

Mismatches? Seriously? The obfuscating and doublespeak coming from the mouths of democrats means absolutely nothing.

Hey Pete: Biden’s task force sucks too. Neither of you are getting the job done, Pete. Why does he even need a task force to do YOUR job?

Pete hosted a round table discussion on the port issue in July. I just love those round tables. They are SO very productive, aren’t they? Pete’s Deputy Secretary said that the round table gave him hope. Well that’s nice. It didn’t solve the supply chain problems but it was lovely they could all get together and have lunch.

So the west coast was the first to have ships backed up and now it’s spread to the east coast and Georgia too as ships look for other ports to go to.

So what is the Department of Transportation actually supposed to do and is Pete really responsible for fixing the supply chain issue?

The department was established on October 15, 1966 and their website currently says they exist to “improve the quality of life for all American people and communities, from rural to urban, and to increase the productivity and competitiveness of American workers and businesses.”

The website lists their priorities as safety, innovation and infrastructure. 

If you keep clicking on things, you will eventually find information about ports under the infrastructure section, so yes, the supply chain issue IS under Pete’s purview. It’s listed under the “Build America Bureau” which I currently give a D-. 

Dear Pete: Why haven’t you and President Disaster brought in the National Guard to help like you do with every other problem you create? 

Why hasn’t the president invoked the Defense Production Act?

Why aren’t you coordinating things to send more air cargo or re-routing ships like air traffic controllers do?

Hey, Pete, Walmart, Costco and Home Depot are doing YOUR job and renting their own shipping containers and looking for other ports to enter. 

Know why? 

They don’t trust you, Pete. 

They don’t trust you or President Disaster to fix the problem, that’s why. 

The supply chain is wrecked and you’re doing nothing.

And as usual, WE will pay the price. 

Prices will go up because rental containers aren’t free. And neither is paying workers a zillion dollars to make sure there are enough people to drive trucks full of merchandise and get them unloaded.

And the energy to run the ships isn’t free either, Pete. The extra miles that the ships might have to go to find a port for their goods is another added expense – for US.

Aaron Terrazas, Convoy director of economic research told Good Morning America, “There are shortages across a number of industries, perhaps nowhere more acutely so than in front-line workers such as port wort workers and truck drivers.”

What are you doing about it, Pete?


But we needn’t worry because the Obama Biden Harris administration says this is all transitory stuff just like inflation.

But wait…

Hey Pete, maybe THIS will get you off your rear end. 

Idling ships in the ocean are dirtying up the air in Southern California as they run their secondary diesel engines. Dirty exhaust is going into disadvantaged communities of color.

Emissions, emissions… lots of emissions…


The planet is going to die.

Do I have your attention yet, Pete?

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on October 7, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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