ICU Nurse Escorted From Work For Being Unvaccinated – ‘I’m Gonna Fight For All Of Us…I Will Continue To Fight’

"I'm gonna fight for all of us out there, and I will continue to fight."

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A disturbing video is going viral this week showing an ICU nurse being escorted out of her workplace for not being vaccinated against COVID-19. This nurse has since been identified as Tara Vafaeenia.

“So, I’m being escorted out of UCLA for standing up for medical freedom, despite coming to work, willing to work. And I just can’t believe that this is what they’re doing right now,” she said in the video. “And I’m gonna fight for all of us out there, and I will continue to fight. And this is not okay, came to work despite being unvaccinated and willing to work for patients, to help out staff, and this is how we’re treated.”


Vafaeenia has since created a GiveSendGo with the title “UCLA ICU Nurse Standing for Freedom.”

“I’m Tara, and I have been a nurse for nearly 12 years, spending the majority of my time at the bedside of ICU patients,” she wrote on the page. “I’ve spent almost six years with UCLA Health and have always held my profession in the highest regard. I was proud of being a nurse and found it personally rewarding to deliver care to those in need.”

“During the height of the pandemic, I worked tirelessly as a front-line worker, sacrificing myself physically, emotionally, and personally for every patient,” Vafaeenia added. “I went above and beyond to support UCLA Health’s medical staff and did all I could to fill in when the hospital had shifts left uncovered. I was loyal to a fault and put the patients and staff before my well-being on an hourly basis.”

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The hardworking nurse went on to add:

“Health and well-being are very personal matters and I strongly believe that everyone should have the right to dignity and control over their medical decision making. At this point, I have made the decision to abstain from being vaccinated because of what I believe are well-founded concerns for my personal health and safety. The wholesale censorship, politicization, and retaliation upon anyone who thinks independently and asks questions has gone too far.

I, as well as the silent majority of my colleagues, have recently cared for patients who were admitted with symptoms and conditions that were unable to be categorized. These were not SARS-CoV-2 related problems and, coincidentally, these unusual outcomes often occurred after inoculation with the vaccines.

As an ICU nurse, it’s logical to assume I’m going to witness more adverse vaccine reactions than what’s typical for the majority of the population. That said, some of these adverse reactions have left me seriously troubled. The hubris of a select few in the medical community to guarantee both the short and long-term safety of the vaccines has been seized by the media and forced upon currently healthy individuals. I do not choose to capitulate to tyranny, threats, and illogical brute force. Additionally, the way inquisitive patients and their family members have been treated any time a vaccine has been questioned has left me seriously disillusioned.

At this point, my stance is for freedom and control over your own health. This is not about Republicans vs Democrats, Liberals vs Conservatives, or Religious vs Non-Religious. This is about liberty and the freedom to make decisions you’re comfortable with in relation to your health and your well-being. What I do when it comes to my health is up to me; not the government, not a corporation, and not my employer. I have made the decision to sacrifice my career and livelihood to stand up for what I believe is right. Independent thinking is rapidly being abolished and people are losing the ability to make their own decisions and to speak their own truth.
My strongest drive is creating a future for the next generation that continues to allow them to have freedom and liberty. That allows them to make their own decisions, create their own lives, peak their potential, stand up for what they believe and thrive in the most fulfilling way possible.

Luke 12:2 “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known”

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It has to be fought for and defended by each generation.” – Ronald Reagan

Any support or prayer is helpful and greatly appreciated. God bless. Tara


Americans all over the country are losing their jobs left and right for refusing to get vaccinated. Sadly, so many people are being stripped of their freedom to decide what exactly goes into their own bodies.

This piece was written by James Samson on October 16, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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Reginald Spaulding
Reginald Spaulding
1 month ago

A TRUE heroine….annnnnnnnd smoking hot….

1 month ago

What is amazing is that it is you and few others that are standing against the wave. One would think that a forced injection (under any circumstance) would rage the ire of every single soul. How can the public masses be so incredibly passive? About what happens to their own bodies? This madness has gone too far and—seemingly everywhere but in America—the public blowback is mounting to the point where a complete and irreversible changing of the guard is imminent. Stay the course, T. Godspeed.

Save us
Save us
1 month ago

The dem taliban are true communits that are murdering as many people as possible for their population control. They want as many adults dead then they ill control our kids and indoctrinate them into being good little communists. Socialists believe the sick and the elderly should be euthanized at age 75.

1 month ago

I have every sympathy with Nurse Tara. I believe , from the ever increasing numbers of adverse events and even simple revelations as to Pfizers’ “integrity” in this vaccine debacle in the previously silent mass media, that these unlawful / unethical / unconstitutional “Mandates” will very soon be thrown under the nearest passing bus – where they belong !
“Land of the Free ?” You must be joking and blind – or a political wh0re ?

Sally Jones
Sally Jones
1 month ago

Tara, you are serious inspiration to those who are overwhelmed with the crazy going on in our country! Thank you for taking a stand for freedom. We are lacking it quite seriously with the current fake leader. It’s those folks behind the curtains that are a real problem. We must all stand strong for truth and not cave to those out to destroy us. I’m a grandma who cares deeply for our younger generation and with what is happening to our entire country. Lives are lost, jobs are lost, hope is lost. But for Christ I’d be destroyed. This should not be happening. But you know that and have chosen to take a stand. You go girl! My prayers will be with you in whatever endeavor you find yourself in. Stay strong. Lots of us are very proud of you. Twin B

Sally Jones
Sally Jones
1 month ago

I was the first to comment. Where did it go?

Sally Jones
Sally Jones
1 month ago
Reply to  Sally Jones

Where did my comment go?