As if the Afghanistan withdrawal wasn’t already enough of a disaster, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the House Democrats just threw more salt in the wounds of all the service members and their families who have fought in the 20 years of war in Afghanistan.

Keep in mind that Nancy Pelosi and Democratic members of Congress kneeled in silence for eight minutes and 46 seconds for a career criminal George Floyd who contributed nothing to the benefit of America.

When these people show you who they are, believe them. They hate America and what it stands for. They’re only out for themselves.

Here’s what Rep. Jim Banks had to say about their disrespect…


“I want to thank the Leader for doing what the Speaker of the House refuses to do, and that’s to bring us here today to focus on doing everything that we can do as members of Congress to provide oversight and support to bring every single American home. That’s my question today. Where is Nancy Pelosi? Why isn’t she here? Each and every one of us changed our plans so that we could be here today, yesterday, and the days to come to do everything that we can to safely bring every American home. We just had a moment of silence on the floor of the House of Representatives for the 12 American heroes that we lost in Afghanistan, not a single Democrat joined us on the floor of the house in that moment of silence, and that is a shame.

But perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. This morning, the head of the Democratic National Committee sent out a press release claiming victory as saying that this President did what no other president could do as if he’s some kind of hero. The Democrats have politicized this and it’s absolutely shameful. This morning on the on the news shows Admiral John Kirby, the spokesperson for the Pentagon, on Fox News said that there’s somewhere above 100 Americans who are still in Afghanistan. That was on Fox News. Earlier in the morning on Morning Joe, he said a few 100. Yesterday, General McKenzie said it’s a few hundreds are left in Afghanistan. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken last night his press conference said it’s less than 200 but it’s closer to 100. Earlier in the day, he said it was 250. The fact of the matter is that this administration still has no idea how many Americans they have left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan as they ended the evacuation mission. They ended the evacuation mission not because America decided to do so. But because this President, this Commander in Chief kowtowed to the Taliban. He did what the Taliban told him to do and he stopped evacuating Americans, leaving an estimated hundreds of Americans still in Afghanistan, behind enemy lines.” – Jim Banks


This President, his administration and all their corrupt Democrat cronies are an absolute disgrace on so many levels. It’s disgusting.

The people can see right through it and their not staying as quiet as they used to be.

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Here’s just some of the things they’re saying…

“The demorats were kneeling in the rotunda for George Floyd, but wouldn’t honor our fallen military. What does that tell you?”

“F* this. They hate the military and the police. This country is too divided to come back together again. We need to start setting up own own military, economy, businesses, banks, school, entertainment, sports, to include farming and manufacturing. We need to do this sooner rather than later. They can have their socialist nation without police and the military, we will have our safe nation.”

“They are essentially narcissists who practice self-aggrandizement, self-deification, and repudiation of their own ancestors, peoples, culture, and civilization. The left is full of neo-Marxists who imagine themselves smart, sophisticated, and successful instead of uninformed, megalomaniacal, and suicidal.”

“Rep Pelosi and fellow Democrats kneeled for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in the Capitol Rotunda in observance of George Floyd’s death, BUT CANNOT OBSERVE either moment of silence or read aloud the names of the 13 American servicemen lost in Afghanistan. Disgusting. Doesn’t it make you physically ill?”

“the swamp runs wide and runs deep. Trump was right. always.”

“They need to be immediately terminated-if you don’t respect our troops- you don’t respect our country and do not serve in our best interests! Shameful!”

“that’s because they are the domestic enemy of America”

“Those left behind will be held for ransom and Biden will pay the terrorists cash just as planned, just as Obama did.”

“Dems are the enemy to America and everything she stands for. Time to treat them that way!”

“the Left hates the USA and those who defend her. There is plenty wrong with the Right but at least they don’t hate their own nation as part of their party platform.”

“Nasty, disgusting, anti-American, treasonous, traitorous, people. I fly my flag to pay respect to our country. They could give a rat’s ass about it. If you want to call us terrorists for being patriotic, I will be proud to be one.”

“all Americans should see this. There is nothing left to show, or say. If Americans cannot understand they are betrayed, on many, many levels by the left, then the rest of us, will need to plan accordingly. We are betrayed by oolong swilling, communist loving, sell outs. It is treason.”

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This piece was written by Zach Heilman on September 2, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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