AOC Hates Jews So Much It Drives Her To Tears

Julius Streicher, call your office.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be many things, but a raving antisemite is certainly one of them. Her emotions on the topic of hurting Israel are so pronounced they brought her to tears on the House floor. But like so many other facets of the Neiman Marxist, the tears were likely contrived. Though, it’s the thought that counts.

FNC: “Squad” member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was accused on Thursday of shedding “crocodile tears” after she reportedly broke down crying on the House floor following a vote to give another $1 billion to Israel in order to restore its Iron Dome missile interception system.

Ocasio-Cortez and her progressive caucus had expressed opposition to the bill, forcing Democrats to pull the provision from a bill a day earlier in order to ensure its passage along party lines. On Thursday, the New York lawmaker voted against the funding, but raised eyebrows when she only later amended her vote to ‘Present’ at the last minute. After the bill was passed by a 420-9 majority, Ocasio-Cortez reportedly became emotional on the floor and was seen being comforted by her colleagues.  Online critics, however, did not take well to the lawmaker’s flair for the dramatics.”

“AOC seems distraught. She is in the middle of the house floor wiping away tears, crying into her colleague’s shoulders,” journalist Jake Sherman wrote on Twitter. “Theatre and bad theatre at that,” Meghan McCain responded.

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One online pundit wrote that the airhead member from the Bronx wanted “to vote No but was talked out of it for some strategic reason” as she guns up a Senate run. “If not voting ‘no’ is that upsetting, then vote ‘no.’ Otherwise these are crocodile tears,” The Intercepts'” Eoin Higgins reacted.

“She most likely changed her vote because there is a good chance her new district(due to redistricting) will include Riverdale which has a large pro-Israel/Jewish population,” another user opined. “But are the Jews really going to say ‘well, she didn’t vote no. She voted ‘present’ and cried about it which is totally different,” New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz questioned. Bingo.

“AOC literally in tears after voting ‘present’ on the Iron Dome funding. More jew hating theatrics from the squad,” Jerusalem Post columnist Emily Shrader said. “The ONLY reason AOC changed her vote from “NO” to “PRESENT” on today’s #IronDome bill is because she wants to take on @SenSchumer next year. Those tears aren’t fooling us,” the organization Stop Antisemitism said in a statement.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 25, 2021. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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1 month ago

AOC as she styles herself is a joke . This Cortez broad is the biggest phony walking the halls of Congress . Her tears are all for show and like her claims of the Jan 6th events are nothing more than another fabricated story to boost her ego and self importance . Those that voted for this Moron made one huge mistake . Sandy fro the Hood is nothing more than a Socialist/Communist HOOD , who’s only goal is to see the destruction of America as we know it and turn it into her deluded utopia of Socialism , you know that system where only those at the top have any wealth and comfort and the rest work and struggle to support them .
The fact that she wears a ‘Che Gruvera’ tee shirt and had posters her wall in collage should tell you something . She admires a terrorist who was shot to death in one Latin American hide out for trying to overthrow legal governments . Voters need to wake up and smell what this phoney is shoveling .

Vader Raider
Vader Raider
29 days ago

Personally I think President Biden needs to be court-martialed considering he is the commander-in-chief of the military. He’s giving everybody else just all them was discharged because they do not want to take a shot the Jab people have a right if they would have something injected into them or not it’s a god-given right. I think Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Adam Schiff need to be impeached. VP Kamala Harris needs to be impeached for failure to carry out her duties at the border and for remaining hidden from most of her vice presidency. I think Mitch is Pelosi needs to be at least if not impeach remove is Speaker of the House she’s deranged something’s wrong with her thinking kind of like Joe Biden. I don’t like the way Adam Schiff did When Donald Trump was President making up all those lies he should have been impeached or at least removed from his duty in the house for what he did the least he should be done now is be impeached oh, I wonder if he even knows how to tell the truth. I can tell you one thing Joe Biden has slide from the moment he ran for president of the United States of America he died when he gave his campaign promises and he’s lying now when he’s in office breaking every single one of them. He is the most incapable, deranged and out of his mind. Most of the time he looks like he’s doped up don’t know what he’s doing pitiful pitiful pitiful. Did they tell you that Donald Trump was dead yeah right on right on Donald Trump is doing a good job and took out of let out that virus that was planned it was a planned d’emic. And not a pandemic.

29 days ago

She a sickening piece of theater and what is worse is she thinks she should move up to Senator. What has been her accomplishments other than theater or tweets or being a part of a group who seemingly despise our country while benefitting mightily by being elites? She flourishes by use of “woman of color” but I doubt that she has suffered any deprivation her entire life. Her history is purposely murky by her own actions. Where did she grow up, what schools did she attend are questions that seem to elicit non-specific responses if any response. If New Yorkers are STUPID enough to vote for this loser as a Senator and not oust her from being on the Federal government dime in any position then I have no sympathy for them as their state continues to decline.

29 days ago

That’s because she’s a heathen.

Omega 2
Omega 2
29 days ago