During his weekly Fox News show on Sunday night, former Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy gave his thoughts on the recent takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban forces and whether the United States followed through on its commitments.

Gowdy concluded that despite America’s countless losses since the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the War on Terror, the same terrorists responsible managed to get the power back.

“We’re just weeks away from the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on our country,” Gowdy said on the Fox News program. “Three thousand lives were taken that day. Thousands of lives taken that day and thousands of lives have been lost since in defense of our nation. Tens of thousands of our sons and daughters have been injured. And more than a trillion dollars of your money has been spent in Afghanistan alone. And we are left to wonder why.”

Gowdy then questioned if America has “kept our word” regarding defending our nation and values.

“The question is – have we kept our word?” he asked. “Have we kept our word to the world that if you attack America, we will follow you to the ends of the Earth to mete out our punishment? No matter how long it takes. Have we kept our word to one another that never again will an attack like this happen on American soil?”

Not stopping there, Gowdy questioned if America has kept its promise to the people of Afghanistan, for whom President Joe Biden had promised he would protect.

“Have we kept our word to those who took a chance on us?” Gowdy asked. “To those Afghans who supported and aided our cause? To the Afghan women living in oppression with no equality or due process? To the Afghan women who believed us when we said America is a country of freedom, and light, and opportunity. To the Afghan children, what will they think of when they think of America?”

Gowdy ended his rant with call for action since “great nations keep their word.”

“If we’re leaving Afghanistan safer and freer and better for Afghan women and girls, then bring our troops home,” he said. “If not, great nations keep their word. Even and especially when it’s hard to do so.”