Greg Gutfeld has a big notch on his belt. He’s recently beaten the network big beasts in the ratings and now reigns as king of the late night talk shows. Here His Majesty sounds off on Afghanistan and the Swamp.

Gutfeld: “A swirling swamp mixture of media and government elites gave us Afghanistan. As well as bedridden Grandpa Joe from “Willy Wonka,” who’s now our president. And what are they really trying to cover up? Besides our maskless faces. And their own asses – the realization that they covered up a mess of a war, so that it would continue.

We’ve been part of a divisive game they created to keep us powerless. It’s us vs. us. So it’s never us vs. them. The construct of Democrat and Republican as distinct leaderships turns out to be as fake as the teeth in the president’s mouth.

Afghanistan is a perfect example. An overwhelming majority of left and right wanted us out. The war is the only thing less popular than Chrissy Teigen. Yet, it lasted 20 years. Even the Spice Girls couldn’t last that long. And it was made possible by the lie that since our politicians were behind it, we had to be too. Maybe for a year, or two, or three we were. But after that, we filed it away as something our competent government is taking care of. Which is like trusting your kids with Uncle Hunter for the weekend.

Oddly we were putting our trust in institutions run by mouth-breathing morons who hate you. George W. Bush’s CIA director, Gen. Michael Hayden, retweeted a photo labeling Trump supporters “our Taliban.” And replied “good idea” when a Twitter user suggested sending the quote “MAGA wearing unvaxxed” on planes to Afghanistan.

Now President Biden is pretending that he was always saying this was a bad war. A war that he backed strongly. Someone needs to put smelling salts in a pretty woman’s hair so that when Biden sniffs it he wakes up to reality. But a president before him was different: that was Trump. He said it even before he was president. He knew it was becoming a waste of blood and treasure – these foreign wars. So once again, Biden is like that student that cheats off the smarter kid sitting next to him and yet he still gets an F.”

Gutfeld has aforementioned great news on the ratings front. Newsweek: “Gutfeld is the new king of late-night television, joining the likes of Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and David Letterman, all of whom have held the title in the past. And Fox News has the Nielsen data to back up its assertion. For the first time in a full week (August 16-22), the show dubbed Gutfeld! scored a larger audience than Jimmy Fallon on NBC, Jimmy Kimmel on ABC and Stephen Colbert on CBS.

“If you cannot tell the other late-night shows apart, join the club,” Gutfeld said just before his show began in April. “They’re as bland as string cheese and not nearly as appetizing. It’s the same jokes, the same assumptions, probably the same writers, all reading the same columns from the same hacks in the New York Times. So we aren’t going to be like them.”