Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, is throwing her own family under the bus once again by claiming that her cousin Ivanka Trump is “much less likely to stay loyal” to her father than Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg.

Last week, Weisselberg pleaded not guilty to 15 charges against him, including tax fraud, conspiracy, grand larceny and falsifying business records. While appearing on “The New Abnormal” podcast, Mary claimed that prosecutors may not need to rely on Weisselberg cooperating because she feels others will turn on Trump, even his own children.

“If there are two sets of books for Allen, there are two sets of books for other people. And I think we’re also going to find that in these millions of pages of documents there will be more evidence,” she said. “So either they’re not going to be solely relying on Allen Weisselberg to flip because either there’s documentary evidence of Donald’s direct wrongdoing or there will be other people who might be more willing to flip than Allen. And I think among those might well indeed be my cousins.”

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Mary then brought up a 2020 New York Times report that claimed that Ivanka had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in “consulting fees” while she was an executive for the Trump Organization.

“She’s much less likely to stay loyal than Allen Weisselberg,” Mary said. “I think Ivanka has one, more to lose, and two, more to hang onto. Her husband’s family is legitimately very wealthy.”

Mary made similar comments about the Trump children earlier this month in an interview with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

“I think [Donald] would be surprised to learn that I don’t believe my cousins would exercise that kind of loyalty towards him because his relationship with them and their relationship with him is entirely transactional and conditional,” she claimed. “They’re not going to risk anything for him just as he wouldn’t risk anything for them.”

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Last month, Mary told CNN that she does not think that Trump would sacrifice himself for his children if he ever faced legal trouble.

“What would it mean to Donald Trump if they came after his kids? Would that change his disposition, do you think? Would he take one for his kids?” asked host Chris Cuomo, to which Mary replied, “No, he wouldn’t.”