The liberal media has been demanding that Fox News hosts endorse the COVID-19 vaccine for weeks, and Sean Hannity finally did so on Monday night. Unsurprisingly, this was not enough for the liberal cohosts of “The View,” who proceeded to slam him on Tuesday morning for doing exactly what they had wanted him to do.

“Just like we’ve been saying, please take COVID seriously,” Hannity said on his show on Monday night. “I can’t say it enough. Enough people have died. We don’t need any more death.”

He then told his fans to “research like crazy” when coming to a decision on the vaccine.

“Take it seriously. You also have a right to medical privacy, and doctor-patient confidentiality is also important,” he said. “And it absolutely makes sense for many Americans to get vaccinated. I believe in science. I believe in the science of vaccination.”

On “The View” on Tuesday morning, cohost Sunny Hostin trashed Hannity for his vaccine endorsement.

“It only took Sean Hannity over 600,000 deaths to get on board and advise his many, many millions of viewers to finally get vaccinated,” she whined, according to Yahoo News. “I think it’s too little, too late.”

Her radically liberal cohost Joy Behar felt the same way, questioning the timing of Hannity’s endorsement.

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“It’s interesting to me that Steve Doocy and [Sean] Hannity have now come out to take the vaccines,” she said. “Are they getting some kind of stock in Pfizer? What is provoking this, I’d like to know, all of a sudden?”

Thankfully, the conservative cohost Meghan McCain was still on the panel to defend Fox News and Republicans.

“This isn’t political, and it shouldn’t be political. Again, it is not just Fox News,” McCain said. “I think maybe I’m not being clear. Thirty-nine percent of the Bronx is unvaccinated, as compared to much higher rates in other burrows.”

“As I said, in New York City, a third of hospital workers are not vaccinated,” she added. “There’s all these demographics and all these statistics about different portions of our population in different areas that go along lines of racially, socioeconomically — this isn’t just simply a Republican problem.”