The liberal women on the ABC talk show “The View” came unhinged on Wednesday as they lashed out at Florida’s popular Republican governor Ron DeSantis for selling selling merchandise featuring the slogan “Don’t Fauci My Florida” on it.

While talking about the teenage pop star Olivia Rodrigo visiting the White House to push vaccines, cohost Whoopi Goldberg said, “Ana, will this kind of targeted outreach work in your opinion?”

“Whoopi, this is just one thing they’re doing,” cohost Ana Navarro replied. “They’re doing all sorts of outreach at the White House. I did an Instagram live last week with Dr. Fauci. They’re going for people in the communities, preachers, local celebrities, and I think this all-out approach is what we need right now when we see that so many states, over 40 states, are trending in the wrong direction when it comes to COVID.”

“It’s such a stark contrast with what’s happening in my state, for example,” she added. “I am so disappointed to see Ron DeSantis, Governor Ron DeSantis, who worked in cooperation with Biden and was bipartisan or nonpartisan in the Surfside collapse reaction. He is selling political swag. He is merchandising with the suffering of the people who have died with the pandemic.”

“Don’t be cute,” Navarro concluded. “Don’t sell beer koozies exploiting and profiting off the pandemic and buying into the science deniers while your state has increased exponentially — in one week — its COVID cases. That’s just irresponsible and shameful, and I’m very, very disappointed in him.”

“Sunny, do you think influencers and teen celebs are the best messengers here to pass the information to young people?” Goldberg then asked cohost Sunny Hostin, who proceeded to just trash DeSantis as well.

“Honestly, Whoopi, I’m still so floored at ‘Don’t Fauci my Florida,'” she said. “COVID, as you know, hit our family particularly hard with the death of both of my husband’s parents. I cannot believe that you would have the governor of Florida encouraging people not to get vaccinated. That is despicable. It’s disgusting.”

Check out the full segment on this below.