The radically liberal actress Susan Sarandon has turned on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her leftwing “Squad,” leading a protest outside the New York congresswoman’s office this week.

“I’m here to say to the squad, and especially AOC, who, you know did make a lot of promises, that we still have faith in you and we would like to see if you have a better plan than we’ve been able to see, please share it,” Sarandon said outside the office, according to Fox News.

“If there’s a pathway you’ve got that we’re not aware of please share it. Because we’re losing hope here that you represent us,” she added. “It’s so difficult for people that are independent to get elected in the first place — and then to see the very people that sponsored the bill not stand up for it, is very disheartening.”

Sarandon and the other protesters at the congresswoman’s office were demanding that she “call on Biden to declare a pandemic public health emergency and expand Medicare to every American using Section 1881A of the Social Security Act,” according to the event page.

Sarandon and her fellow demonstrators also called for Ocasio-Cortez to “use every legislative tool available to pass Medicare for all in Congress,” as well as her “huge social media followings, ability to get press, and celebrity to organize direct actions for Medicare for all.”

Despite being leftwing herself, Sarandon has never been afraid to call out Democrat lawmakers when they fail to deliver. Earlier this year, she sounded off against President Joe Biden and other Democrats when they failed to carry out their campaign promises to deliver $2,000 stimulus checks to Americans hit hard by COVID-19.

“Where are the $2K checks you promised,” Sarandon tweeted back in February. “If voters feel like Dems are pulling a bait and switch, don’t be surprised when they don’t show up in 2022 or 2024.”

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Most Hollywood stars are too afraid to speak out against powerful Democrat lawmakers in any way out of fear of being blacklisted by the liberal-run entertainment industry. Though we don’t agree with Sarandon’s politics, good for her for having the guts to speak out against corrupt Democrat politicians.