In the wake of Vice President Kamala Harris finally visiting the border last week, former ICE Director Thomas Homan went on Fox News to say that she should have “been embarrassed” by the circumstances there.

“[I] might hear you mention Kamala Harris at El Paso border today,” he said. “What a shame. She should have been embarrassed. She’s going to go down there and see the men and women who she called Nazis. She’s going to see the men and women she said run concentration camps.’

“She claimed the Border Patrol treated these illegal immigrants with zero compassion and humanity,” Homan added. “And one thing she didn’t do while she was down there, why don’t you talk to the men and women wearing their green uniform, ask them, does the wall work? And they would have said, yes, it does work. It stops drugs. It stops illegal immigration. Why did you stop building it?”

“And she would have said, why we had a crisis?” he continued. “They would have told her, because of your policies, your open border policies. We had success. President Trump dropped immigration by 80 percent. How many children didn’t die across that river? How many women didn’t get raped coming across that border? How many children didn’t dive over fentanyl overdoses? How many millions did the cartels not make when President Trump had declining immigration?”

That’s when Homan shifted to attacking President Joe Biden.

“This president has failed the American people,” Homan concluded. “We have the first president in the history of this nation that’s actively facilitating illegal immigration across border crime, and it disgusts me.”

Last month, Homan actively blamed Biden for the border crisis in another Fox News interview.

“Go back to the Trump policies,” Homan said. “Their policies are driving this surge at the border. Even the president of Mexico said that. When you say you’re going to open your border up, you’re not going to detain, you’re going to put a moratorium on deportations, you’re going to reward amnesty and DACA and at the same time offer free health care. That’s what’s causing this crisis. It’s the Biden administration’s policies and that’s clear.