CNN Contributor Carl Bernstein Calls Trump An ‘American War Criminal’

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CNN contributor Carl Bernstein spoke out on Sunday to slam former President Donald Trump as an “American war criminal.”

“When you’re talking about Trump, we’re obviously talking about a kind of delusional madness — such as General Milley was talking about — that’s on a scale and a scope that we ever never experienced in an American president in our history. I think we need to calmly step back and, maybe, look at Trump in a different context,” Bernstein said. “He is our own American war criminal of a kind we’ve never experienced before.”

“You just said war criminal,” said host Brian Stelter. “What do you mean, war criminal?”

“I did. In international law, there have been, quote, ‘crimes against humanity,'” Bernstein replied. “I think what we’re talking about, Trump’s crimes as an American war criminal in his own country that he has perpetrated upon our people, including the tens of thousands of people who died because of his homicidal negligence in the pandemic, putting his own electoral interest above the health of our people when they were slaughtered during this pandemic.”

“Looking at his actions in terms of fomenting a coup in which to hold onto office in which the head of the American military, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff has now compared Trump — not the press, not reporters comparing Trump to Hitler — but rather the head of the American military comparing him and his movement to brownshirts, to the Reichstag fire,” he continued. “This is a huge wake-up call to this country when General Milley, the head of the American military, has said this. It fits as a piece with something so extraordinary in our history. It’s not political. Trump is not just political. He transcends the political. We need to start looking at his crimes in that context.”

The media spent the entire four years of Trump’s presidency talking about how evil he supposedly is. Six months after he left office, he seems to be continuing to live rent-free in their heads.

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