Former President Donald Trump spoke out about 2024 in a new interview on Friday, saying that an announcement about another potential presidential run is coming “in the not too distant future.”

While calling into Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America,” Trump said that he wants “a little time to go by” and watch what happens in the 2022 midterm elections. Until then, Trump is determined to help Republicans get elected, fight the deep state, and take on the radical left.

When asked if he is planning to play “king” or “kingmaker” in 2024, Trump replied, “I think you’re going to be thrilled. I think you’re going to be very happy. We want a little time to go by, maybe watch what happens in ’22. We are giving tremendous endorsements. Rick, I think we are 128-2 in endorsements.”

“I’ll be making an announcement in the not too distant future,” he continued. “Right now, I’m helping a lot of people get into office, and we’re fighting the deep state, and we’re fighting radical left. They’re after me. They’re after Rudy. … They’re after anybody. They’re vicious. They’re vicious, and they don’t do a good job, and they’re very bad for the country. But I’ve been fighting them for five and a half years since I came down the escalator — I’ve been fighting them. But these are vicious people. And I honestly believe they don’t love this country.”

When asked if he thinks Joe Biden will lose in 2024, Trump said, “Well, based on what’s happening with inflation, don’t forget you haven’t seen the kill of inflation. You see inflation happening, but you haven’t seen what it does.”

Trump then predicted that inflation will “top” the rates it hit under former President Jimmy Carter.

“I was there with Jimmy Carter, meaning I was one of the people that was, you know, working in this country at the time,” he said. “And prime rate went up to 21% and the inflation was devastating. That was the worst. I mean, that was as bad as it gets … We’re going to top those numbers, so we’re going to come pretty close to topping those. Now look, we’re in for a period where lumber costs you twice as much now, where, you know, when I left it was $1.87 a gallon for gasoline, $1.87, now it’s $3.50.”