As the Chinese Communist Party cracks down on freedom in Hong Kong the question is asked: Where is the United States?

Where is the supposed leader of the free world? Where is the land of liberty? Where is the home of the brave? The answer is, cowering in abject fear. Joe Biden is politically compromised by the CCP because of his family’s business dealings with the regime. Thus, he won’t do a thing, not even offer moral leadership, much less political aid to Hong Kong. Three conservative big hitters, Conrad Black, Bill Bennett, and Victor Davis Hanson, outline the issue.

Black, Bennett, and Hanson: “With the shutting down of the Apple newspaper in Hong Kong a couple of months after the assault on the Epoch Times office in Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China has raised its level of naked aggression and provocation of the West to its highest point since President Nixon’s trip to China in 1972.

The People’s Republic of China has effectively been caught red-handed (feeble pun intentional), in what amounts to bacteriological warfare against the rest of the world, whatever the exact circumstances of the virus’s genesis and spread. There is little doubt that the coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan virological laboratory and that the Chinese withheld information about the gravity of this leak, and obfuscated and lied about the origin of the virus. Beijing did nothing to restrict its spread to the rest of the world for several key weeks, and suborned the World Health Organization into corroborating its false accounts of the public health crisis.

It has done little since then except obstruct and mislead subsequent efforts to discover, in the international interest, the real origins of the pandemic. Chinese Communist Party leadership has brazenly violated the Hong Kong agreement with the United Kingdom, which promised retention of individual rights and judicial due process for 50 years after the handing over of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic.

The world has watched as the people of Hong Kong have been systematically reduced to the same lack of exercisable human liberties as the citizens of the People’s Republic itself. It is one thing to overfly the airspace of Taiwan with Chinese military aircraft—given that Taiwan has been technically recognized as part of China, though not a part of China that can be reunited with the mainland other than by its own volition. Yet it is something else again altogether to tear to pieces, defiantly and proudly, in front of the whole world, a serious treaty agreement with United Kingdom, a cofounding member of the United Nations and one of the most important and respected nations in the world…

Eventually, the United States is going to have to remind the world that if China does not honor its trade and monetary policy undertakings, then the U.S. will reinforce its tariff policy against China by imposing sanctions and reducing access to the American market to any country that does not observe the sanctions. Even in Europe’s present pitifully invertebrate state, in that eventuality, avarice would prevail over fear and with infinite grumbling, Europe would follow America’s lead. The issue is when America will show any leadership in calling Beijing to account. China is grossly over-confident and the world is skeptical, and may conclude that the U.S. is the waning, and China the ascending, power.”