CNN host Don Lemon launched yet another attack on former President Donald Trump on Thursday, branding the conservative a “tiny” person who is also a “liar” and a “bigot.”

Lemon went on CNN’s “New Day” this morning to talk to co-anchors John Berman and Brianna Keilar about Trump supporters who still allegedly think that the former president will be returned to office. After Lemon downplayed the number of Republicans who actually believe this, Keilar said, “I know people, I love people, who believe this crap. And it’s very hard to watch.”

“I will just respectfully disagree with you a little bit on talking about these things, because I will tell you, the initial information about this, that’s not they’re not getting it from us,” she added, according to Mediate. “We’re the ones who are knocking it down.”

“I don’t disagree with that, I think that you can be informed without being inundated,” Lemon replied. “I think you can call people out, you can expose them, but then after that you don’t have to continue to talk about it every single day.”

“You have to point out the right information,” he continued. “And the right information doesn’t always include, and probably doesn’t include, Donald Trump. Because he is a font of misinformation.”

That’s when Lemon’s rant went off the rails as he showed just how deep his hatred for Trump is.

“He’s a very small, tiny, unhappy man who is living in a delusion, acting like a lounge act, going to… the former president of the United states, think about this, randomly shows up at people’s weddings at his estate down in Mar-A-Lago because that is the only outlet that he has to spread his misinformation,” Lemon continued. “Let him have it, leave him alone.”

Lemon spent virtually all of Trump’s presidency trashing him on a nightly basis, and despite his pleas for his colleagues to “leave him alone,” he’s kept that up since he left office. In the end, CNN needs Trump for ratings, so they won’t stop talking about him anytime soon.

How sad is that?