ABC chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams went on “The View” on Tuesday to claim that “all signs point to a likely indictment” in the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into former President Donald Trump’s organization.

“Let’s talk about the ongoing investigation into the Trump organization,” said cohost Sara Haines. “The Manhattan DA has convened a special grand jury to decide whether to bring criminal charges against former President Trump, executives at his company, or the company itself. Now President Trump has denied any wrongdoing and calls it a political witch-hunt. No former U.S. president has ever been charged with a crime. So I want to ask you, will he be the first, and who should be the most worried?”

“All signs point to a likely indictment,” Abrams replied. “Why do I say that? First, you’ve got the fight over former President Trump’s tax returns. Then you’ve got the hiring of a very high-profile prosecutor who is brought in to basically oversee this case. He leaves a very cushy job to come in and work at the DA office on this case, and this is his expertise. Now you have the special grand jury that’s been empaneled. You don’t typically get a grand jury like this unless they believe they have evidence of a crime. So all the evidence, all the signals are towards a likely indictment of someone, if not more than one person.”

“This Manhattan DA, in particular, can investigate whatever potential crime comes across his desk, and here we’re not talking about Donald Trump as president with the protections that the president has,” he continued. “We’re talking about what Donald Trump, as a private citizen, did with regard to real estate deals and possible bank fraud, et cetera. So in this sense, he’s being treated just like everybody else, which makes this a very different kind of investigation.”

Trump himself has spoken out to blast the investigation against him.

“There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation that is in desperate search of a crime,” Trump said after it was launched. “But, make no mistake, that is exactly what is happening here. The Attorney General of New York literally campaigned on prosecuting Donald Trump even before she knew anything about me.”