After delivering the rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union on Wednesday, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) went on Fox News to address his liberal critics.

Scott told host Sean Hannity that those on the left “lost their mind” over his speech, going on to question the motivations of their responses.

“The left has lost their mind today,” he said. “It’s really saddening to see that. What the left is doing is fighting bigotry with bigotry. And they have exposed their hypocrisy and their true motivation. It has nothing to do with ending prejudice. It has everything to do with claiming or getting more power. I have never seen such power grab and using people in such a despicable way. It is really disheartening to see the left’s response, and frankly, even Twitter’s response to racism and racial slurs. If it comes from the left, it must be OK, according to Twitter’s response 12 hours later. But thanks to your viewers for going to Thank you all so much.”

“That really made a difference because Lindsey is right,” Scott continued. “The next several months, if not the next two years of my life, will be standing in the gap for what we know as traditional American values. We love people, not parties. We love the content, not the color. Our nation stands in greatness because we fought back against those darker angels, and we believed frankly in the better angels. I wish to Democrats who always feigned or virtue-signal would take a look at the mirror and ask themselves, would they put up with that from anyone other than themselves? And if you won’t police yourselves, don’t look to the other side.”

This came after Meghan McCain defended Scott on “The View” from the oftentimes racist attacks he faced from Democrats.

“In response, he was trending on Twitter being called ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘Uncle Tim,’ which many Americans consider a racial slur,” McCain said. “It’s okay to be racist and use racial slurs towards black men as long as they are Republicans. I’m disgusted by the response to him.”

“The way he is being talked about, the way he’s being disrespected, don’t talk to me about micro-aggressions with race in this country,” she said. “Don’t talk to me about the problems we have in this country with racism when it’s okay to speak and treat a black man this way who happens to be the most famous Republican black senator in the country. It’s okay to treat him that way.”