Meghan McCain and Joy Behar had one of their messiest fights yet on Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” with things getting so off the rails that their cohost Whoopi Goldberg had to step in to break them up.

The argument took place during a segment on Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who has been accused of sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl. Behar took issue with the fact that she feels House Republicans are staying too quiet on Gaetz, ignoring the fact that the allegations have not been proven yet.

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“This all adds up to bad news for Gaetz, but he’s out there, you know, having fun, enjoying himself, making jokes about it because he feels like he has cover in the Republican Party,” Behar said. “Because as I said, they don’t care what you do there as long as you say that [Donald] Trump won the election. Look at what happened to Liz Cheney.”

McCain stepped in to say that she has “family members and good friends” who work on Capitol Hill and that Republicans are “embarrassed by” Gaetz’s situation. She added that while she thinks the “deeply unserious” congressman should be “removed from his committees,” she called for “some people on the left” to be removed for comments they have made about Israel.

McCain went on to point out that her sister-in-law, Emily Domenech, works as an adviser to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and she knows “a lot about what’s going on in Capitol Hill.”

“My question is, if it’s not the Republican Party, shall I call it the ‘QAnon Party’?” Behar said in response. “What should I call your party now who defends people like Matt Gaetz and goes against Liz Cheney?”

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This did not sit well with McCain, who fired back by saying that Behar “can call it whatever you want” because her influence within the GOP is “almost zero.”

“What Republican is like, ‘Joy Behar doesn’t like my party, oh God, I better stop voting for them now,’” McCain said.

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Things only went downhill from there, and Goldberg was soon trying to interject.

“You saying the Republican Party is trash is—I don’t care! It is irrelevant to me! Who cares?” McCain yelled at Behar.  “Who cares? You say it every single day! Every single day! Oh my God!”

“OK, we’re going to break. We’re going to break,” Goldberg finally shouted as she clapped her hands.

Check out the full segment below.