When I was in the Army it was assumed that the United States military was anti-Marxist given the Soviet adversary. But it seems the PC programming of society has infiltrated the military, as a Space Force Commander has been striped of his post because he publicly opposes Marxism. He also opposes critical race theory.

Now, this officer had not engaged in partisan activity. He told no one who to vote for. He championed no political party or candidate. But what he said must have hit a nerve with the Democrat leadership in the Pentagon because they acted quickly to stifle his views.

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No wonder, as the military in the modern era was a general meritocracy. Color didn’t count. Ability counted. Sure, there is office politics in the military services, but it took a back seat to duty and mission. No more. Things have changed.

The Biden military and the Austin Pentagon see the armed forces as a social experimentation lab to train potential voters in the PC politics of Marxism and critical race theory. This will do a soldier no good on a battlefield. But it might get some political generals added stars on their shoulders during the Biden administration.

FNC: “Two dozen Republicans sent a letter to the acting secretary of the U.S. Space Force on Wednesday, demanding a recently dismissed commander be reinstated after he was relieved of his duties for comments about Marxism and critical race theory in the military. The Republicans, including Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks, suggested the decision was reflective of an ‘increasingly politicized environment’ developing in the Department of Defense. Lieutenant Col. Matthew Lohmeier was removed after he participated in podcasts to discuss his book, where he indicated that Marxism and critical race theory were gaining influence in the military.

“Some Republicans have been critical of efforts within the military and national security community to focus on fostering a more progressive environment, which they believe the Biden administration has made a priority at the expense of national security.”

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“Space Force Guardians conduct can’t-fail missions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week: we cannot allow temporary political appointees at the Department of Defense who are ideologically motivated to purge those men and women in uniform who do not agree with the cultural or political fads of the moment,” the letter read.

“We call on you to reinstate Lieutenant Colonel Lohmeier immediately, barring any violations of the UCMJ which have not yet been publicly disclosed. Whether you agree with him or not, no rational American can review his level-headed critique of the critical race theory-based ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ training the military is currently conducting and conclude that his comments on that subject deserve relief of command.” They do not. But he will likely stand relieved of duty.