On Thursday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” Meghan McCain called out the media for their clear “strategy” of “not focusing on anything the Biden administration is doing” that is “leading this country into crisis.”

When asked about the Capitol riot that took place back in January, McCain went off, saying, “This happened four months ago. We’ve been talking about it for four months. I made my perspective crystal clear. I think it’s horrific. I don’t believe the big lie.”

“We talked about Liz Cheney at length,” she added. “But when Joy says friends of hers are frightened, friends of mine are frightened as well. I had to have a conversation with my executive producer yesterday about whether or not I’m going to be able to find gas in my car because the lines at gas stations near where I live are down the street, or there is just no gas whatsoever. I’m privileged. I work for a company that is going to figure out a way for me to get to work. What about the average American?”

Not stopping there, McCain proceeded to double down.

“You know what is also a strategy, Sara?” she said. “A strategy is not focusing on anything the Biden administration is doing right now that’s leading this country into crisis. There’s a crisis at the border. Inflation rates are sky-high. The Middle East is on fire. Unemployment is crazy. A lot of Americans can’t figure out how to get gas in the car. These are real problems. It’s like the 70s all over again.”

“So I think there’s a strategy going on that the media doesn’t want to focus on anything bad in the Biden administration,” McCain concluded. “I implore everyone who works in the industry. Just because Trump was so bad doesn’t mean this is good. There are real meat and potatoes issues impacting average Americans who are also frightened. I think we should be focusing on that versus re-litigating something that happened four months ago.”