Don Lemon went on CNN on Friday morning to claim that the Republican Party as “obsolete” and not “operating in reality.”

The CNN host claimed that he is “not a political person” before calling for the Republican Party to be “restructured” because it has gone too far.

“The only party now that is operating, in reality, is the Democratic Party,” Lemon said. “The Republican Party is obsolete. The Republican Party is not dealing and living in reality. So, you cannot negotiate with a party that doesn’t operate on logic. And so, I don’t know what the answer is when it comes to the Republican Party.”

“I think at this point it needs to be restructured, and perhaps Americans who want this country to be a country that is sane and rational and equitable and equal, that perhaps they need to challenge the Republican Party more, but I don’t think the Republican Party at this point is — I don’t think that they can be changed,” he added. “I really don’t. I think that it is gone way too far, and it’s just sad to see.”

“Listen, again, I’m not a political person. I’m a person who lives in reality,” Lemon concluded. “I’m a journalist. I can see, and I can hear, and I can think. And there is no reason to believe that the Republicans are going to start playing fairly and are going to start operating as a party of sanity.”

This comes a day after Lemon was asked by MSNBC host Donny Deutsch if his job would be harder now that Donald Trump is out of office because the former president was a “Bond villain that [Lemon] could play off of every night.”

“I think it’s actually easier now to do the news because we can actually do the news,” Lemon replied, according to The Hill. “We can actually talk about real issues [and] about things that are important rather than someone trying to change the news cycle, … rather than someone just being sensational.”

Lemon went on to say that Trump was elected because the media and the U.S. values fame more than it does substance.

“That was the president we deserved because I think we platform celebrities,” Lemon continued. “We put celebrity over content, over context, over importance, over competency.”